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And you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share the nourishing sap from the olive root, Romans 11 v17

The Christian's roots in Israel

shared with the Jews

The  "Old Testament" of the Christian Bible is the Jewish Tanakh, and the "New Testament" is built on these Jewish scriptures.   
Why do some Christians dislike and ignore the Old Testament ?

Jesus is a Jew. He was born, lived and died as a Jew. He was born King of the Jews and died King of the Jews.
How can some Christians say,   "I don't like Jews" ?

Jesus taught as a Jewish Rabbi.
Why do many try and understand his teaching using Greek philosophy?

We are familiar with the Christian holidays.  
Why don't we understand the Jewish feasts and holy days that Jesus celebrated ?

God promised the patriarchs of Israel, "He who blesses you, I will bless and he who curses you, I will curse." 
Why do so few Christians support Israel and the Jews in informed prayer ?

Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem
How can Christians side with those seeking to destroy Israel and seize Jerusalem? 

In these pages we look at what went wrong, the good things we are missing, the way things should be, and how Israel and the Jews are key to world events as they unfold, in these end-times .

This website explores the relationship between Christianity and Judaism  (the Jewish faith), including Messianic Judaism.   It explains the Jewish roots of Christianity, and the continuity of revelation and worship through Jewish and into Christian scriptures.   It looks forward, with the Jews, to the  coming  of their Messiah and ours.   It is possible to span the gulf that opened over the centuries by realizing where we stand.   The apostle Paul likened  non Jewish Christians to wild olive branches grafted into the cultivated olive tree of Israel.   Since this is the basis of our acceptance by the God of Israel,  wildolive  explores the implications of this relationship.

The Messianic Seal  -  this version is the original work of wildolive.co.uk but free for use under the GNU Free Documentation LicenseAn understanding of Hebrew and Jewish culture, tradition, faith and worship can add so much to even familiar Bible stories and  celebrations.   

This was nearly all lost due to replacement theology so we look at all the Jewish Feasts and their relevance and importance for the Christian.

We want to see how much can be recovered, and how we Christians can draw nourishment from our Jewish roots.

The unfolding of God's purposes in World History centres around Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews.  The Christian can not afford to ignorantly follow the prevailing world-view of events in the "Middle East" and side with those who oppose God's purposes and the people He chose to bring salvation to the world.    We need to understand and act upon "the signs of the times" revealed in Israel, so we look at the politics and media coverage of Israel and the forces ranged against her.

We seek to draw practical conclusions for ways the Christian can be in God's will concerning these matters, and to point the way to the many resources which are available for those who seek to draw from their roots in God's olive tree.


Awareness of the importance of Israel is not the only thing that much of the church has lost. Healing is an important part of the Gospel that few Christians believe in, having become more sophisticated and educated in the world's wisdom. See also Unbelief.


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What's New

Please note - Whilst this section is about what is changing, temporary and political, the ministry of wildolive is primarily about the spiritual, eternal truth of the Bible and the Gospel. This news is provided as prayer information for Christians (and Jews)

Understanding the Times - - Christian - Look up


With anti-Semites on both sides of the conflict, now looks like a good time for the Jews to make Aliyah


There is much confusion about the state of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority as Kerry's self-imposed nine-month deadline approaches at the end of April.

PA, Hamas Announce Unity Government Against Israel

Lea Speyer April 23, 2014

Ismail Haniya, Hamas leader in Gaza, and Nabil Shaath, a senior member of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’ Fatah party have confirmed that rival leaders from the West Bank and Gaza Strip have agreed to form a national unity government within the “next five weeks.”

Following talks in Gaza City on Tuesday evening between officials of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas, an agreement was reached to merge both governments.

The news of the latest alliance comes at a time when US brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians face total collapse.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the latest alliance. “Every time we get to that point, Abbas stacks on an additional condition which he knows that Israel cannot give,” the prime minister said. “So instead of moving toward peace with Israel, he’s moving toward peace with Hamas.” “He has to choose,” Netanyahu said. “Does he want peace with Hamas or peace with Israel? You can have one but not the other. I hope he chooses peace, but so far he hasn’t done so.”

The story limps on . (latest first)

Blame game

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 's Office said that Israel was "deeply disappointed" by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's assertion that Jerusalem is to blame for the breakdown in talks with the Palestinians.

The crisis in the Peace Talks was pre-planned by the Palestinians. Article from JCPA.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas' request to join 15 international conventions.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas talks of disbanding the PA and its security apparatus.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas talks of abandoning OSLO ACCORDS


04/04/14 -

The Palestinian Authority has issued new demands 04/04/14, threatening to discontinue the current round of negotiations past the 30 April deadline if they are not met. They include the release of 1,200 Palestinian security prisoners currently serving time in Israeli jails and the unilateral recognition by Israel that the pre-1967 lines will be the borders of a future Palestinian State which will have its capital in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Among the terrorists the PA is demanding Israel release are Marwan Barghouti, Ahmed Sa'adat and Fuad Shobaki, all of whom were involved in acts of murder of Israeli civilians. Read More

Palestinian Media Watch 01/04/14 -  http://palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=11142

The Palestinian Authority's only reason for agreeing to and continuing the peace negotiations with Israel is to bring about the release of prisoners, Fatah's spokesman Ahmad Assaf has indicated.

Stating that the PA "blackmailed" Israel to release the prisoners, Assaf explained that by virtue of the PA's membership in the UN, the PA is able to threaten Israel with taking it to the International Criminal Court. Assaf maintains that to prevent the PA from doing so, Israel agreed to release 104 prisoners, most of them serving life sentences for murder.


Israel offered to release a new group of 400 Palestinian security prisoners, in addition to the fourth and final group of longtime terrorism convicts who were set to go free, if the Palestinian Authority agrees to extend peace talks for another six months. The US, anxious to arrange for the continuation of the talks, backed the offer.

The Palestinians responded that it wanted 1,000 prisoner released, a settlement freeze, and portions of the West Bank's area C transferred to PA jurisdiction. Talks would then continue till the end of 2014. - This is extortion!

Prime Minister Netanyahu remarked, about releasing Palestinian terrorists in exchange for extending the peace negotiations, that any agreement that is reached will be brought to the government for approval.

Talks collapsed  www.jerusalemonline.com 30/03/14

The Palestinian terrorists have still not been released.  The official negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have collapsed.

The Palestinian Authority threatened to seek full recognition as a member state in the UN if Israel does not release the fourth batch of Palestinian security prisoners as part of ongoing peace talks as scheduled on March 28.The PA's threats came as Abbas returned to a hero's welcome in Ramallah from his meeting with US President Barack Obama in the US. Abbas told those assembled he had not made any concessions in his talks with Obama. "We went and returned and did not give up our obligations," Abbas said.

One Israeli government source said it was reminiscent of Yasser Arafat's return from Camp David in 2000, when it appeared the Palestinians were celebrating the failure of peace talks. The second intifada broke out shortly thereafter.

Will the U.S. release Jonathan Pollard to coincide with Israeli releases of terrorists ?

Why does the U.S. push Israel to release terrorists when they got so angry about Afghanistan releasing men with American blood on their hands?

Despite Benjamin Netanyahu’s basic requirement that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state within the framework of negotiations for peace, the American State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki reportedly stated in an interview with the “Al-Quds” newspaper that the Palestinians do not need to recognize Israel as Jewish state as part of the peace agreement if they do not wish to do so.

Kerry offered Beit Hanina as Palestinian capital. According to Al-Quds, Kerry demanded Abbas to official recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and offered the Beit Hanina neighborhood as the Palestinian capital instead of the entire east Jerusalem area.
This was not the first time the Americans have offered only a part of east Jerusalem for the Palestinian capital. In a previous round of talks, the Americans offered Abu Dis as an alternative - an offered that was rejected immediately. In addition, Kerry has raised the possibility that the Jordan Valley will not be a part of the Palestinian state.

Kerry explicitly admitted that he hopes at best to get Israel and the Palestinians to agree on a "framework" for a peace agreement by April 29, but that a final deal could take another nine months or more.

Abbas confirmed earlier this month that a Palestinian state might have to cede its defensive capability to NATO, and that he could accept IDF presence in the West Bank for a five-year period after the signing of an agreement. The Palestinian leader even agreed to a gradual evacuation of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. However, Abbas insisted that he would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Kerry Proposes: 80,000 Arabs to Move to Israel   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry proposed to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas the "return" of 80, 000 Palestinian "refugees" to Israel, a well-informed Palestinian Authority (PA) official told Chinese news service Xinhua.  more

John Kerry Proposing To Offer U.S. Troops To Help Secure Borders Of "New State Of Palestine"  The US troops would be tasked with helping to prevent anti-Israel forces from coming out of Jordan and reaching Israel, according to Debkafile, an Israeli intelligence and security news service. Palestinian officials are demanding that Israel move its forces from the Jordan Valley, where the US troops would be stationed.  more 

Kerry is Behind European Boycotts  (INN) Govt. sources reveal that Kerry is responsible for EU boycott threats, but is keeping them in check during talks, ready to escalate if talks fail. The  European boycott  threats are against Israeli products and companies operating in Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.   more

John Kerry quietly presented a U.S. plan for eastern Jerusalem that calls for an international administrative mandate to control holy sites in the area, according to informed Palestinian and Israeli diplomatic sources. Kerry’s plan recommended a coalition that includes the Vatican, together with a group of Muslim countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. more


Israel's enemies

Iran - Russia

Russia Warns: We’ll Play the Iran Card Against U.S., EU

In the most naked threat yet from Russia, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the Interfax news service that Russia could “raise the stakes” in its confrontation with the West by revising its stance on Iran. The Associated Press has the story.

The threat has teeth. Russia is not only a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council and so able to block new sanctions or other action against Iran by the world body; it is also a member of the P5+1 negotiating group working to reach a nuclear compromise with Iran.

If Russia switches its stance from pushing Iran, however lightly, toward abandoning its nuclear program toward tacitly or overtly promising to support Iran regardless of the nuclear issue, the West’s strategy toward Iran could rapidly unravel. Closer economic relations with Russia could help protect Iran from the effect of renewed sanctions, and any technical assistance with either the nuclear or long range missile components of Iran’s strategy could dramatically accelerate Iran’s buildup.



Iran's state-run Press TV announced on Wednesday that Russia will soon begin construction of two new nuclear power plants in the Islamic Republic, next to the existing plant in the city of Bushehr.

Iran is still the number one threat to Israel - - see also Understanding the Times

WASHINGTON - "For the sake of our national security and the peace and security of the world," diplomacy with Iran must be given a chance to succeed, the White House charged Mid January 2014. The White House issued a detailed breakdown of the technical nuclear agreement reached in Geneva between Iran and world powers.  


Great! - If you think we can trust Iran's leaders and President Obama. But Sanctions are slipping away, unchallenged; and without any signs of compliance.


Saudi Arabia

December 2013

Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz al Saud, the Saudi ambassador to Britain published an Op-Ed in the New York Times Wednesday, criticizing recent negotiations between the P5+1 nuclear powers (US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany) and Iran as being hopelessly inadequate to forestall the Islamic Republic’s renegade nuclear program. "This means the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has no choice but to become more assertive in international affairs: more determined than ever to stand up for the genuine stability our region so desperately needs."




Death Toll

at least 150,000; maybe up to 220,000

Opposition groups monitoring the Syrian civil war issued an estimate on Tuesday that at least 150,000 people have been killed in Syria's ongoing civil war, with a third of that number being unarmed civilians, with a high-end estimate being closer to 220,000. Hundreds of thousands more are believed to have been wounded, kidnapped or fallen victim to conflict-related diseases, starvation and displacement.

Charity millions 'going to Syrian terror groups' - Telegraph (UK) 05/10/13

hristians offered dhimmi status - protection for payment of Jizya tax.



( a new ‘non-member observer state,’ according to the United Nations General Assembly)

Continues to deny any chance of compromise or extension of talks beyond the original nine months.

Continues to glorify terrorists.


After the "Arab Spring"


The Muslim Brotherhood is showing the world its true colors," "The group that 'renounced violence' in an effort to gain political power is engaged in a full-scale campaign of terror against Egypt’s Christian minority. The-muslim-brotherhoods-war-on-egypts-christians

Full article here GATESTONE



New evidence reveals that jihadi entities, such as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar al-Sharia (ASL), are holding training camps in Libya. Al-Wasat, an academic/policy research blog, reported that credible sources within Libya have confirmed such camps exist.


Hillary, Obama and Rice Still Must Answer for Benghazi

The mainstream US media, once accused of covering up for the Obama Administration, broadcast a riveting report on the attack in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.


Jordan has lost control over much of its territory.

Western intelligence sources asserted that the Hashemite kingdom has undergone a rapid decline over the last year amid the civil war in neighboring Syria. They said Jordan has become a hub for rebel operations against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, with a huge foreign presence in both the north and south.

WITHOUT AN Israeli grip on the Jordan Valley, Jordan would be exposed to a Palestinian takeover; in certain circumstances, guerrilla forces could enter Jordan to help bring down the king. Moreover, since Hamas today holds a majority of the Palestinian Authority, one can predict that following a coup in Jordan, the new government will be influenced by Hamas, perhaps by Iran – but certainly not by King Abdullah. Jerusalem Post


Hezbollah continue to be a major power, although weakened due to involvment in Syria. As the lebanon government does nothing to restrain Hezbollah, Israel has stated that provocative actions will be treated as emanating from Lebanon, and responses will be against Lebanon.


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