"Adonai your God has chosen you to be his own unique treasure out of all the peoples on the face of the earth." Deuteronomy 14:2

God's People and God's Land

As covered in God's Plan, God chose / called a people for himself, to live in fellowship and trust with him. And God chose a (small) place to start this work.

Jewish mother and children at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem

Jewish mother and children at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem

The Jews

The Jews were the people chosen to be God's witness to the rest of the world.
They would be blessed while they lived in obedience, but cursed if they rebelled. In both situations, they communicated God to the nations of the world. As God's chosen people, the Jews have attracted the hatred and envy of the world that did not wish to be subject to God and his just requirements

The Jews - who are they?

The Jewish Story - How it has made the Jews what they are

Tribes and nations

Abraham's seed

Bris milah - circumcision - Barmitzvah - Coming of Age


Feasts of the LORD

Prayer - Jewish perspective on prayer

Jews and the Bible - Do most Jews actually read and understand the Hebrew scriptures?

Quotes about Jews


Footnote for Jewish visitors

God's Appointed Times ( Moedim) - The Feasts of the Jews

Feasts of the LORD - The Jewish Calendar

Passover - Pentecost -Trumpets - Day of Atonement - Tabernacles

Shabbat - Bar mitzvah - Wedding - Circumcision - Firstborn

Channukah - Purim - Counting the Omer - Tu b Shvat - New Moon



Israel is the only little bit of the earth that God gave to his chosen people, to be the place where his salvation plan would be worked out. History shows how the Jews came under the threatened curses for rebellion and were exiled from the land when they rebelled. However, the land still belonged to them under God's eternal covenant, and they were called back to it when their punishment was completed and they repented. The world has not accepted that and rejects God's view of the homeland of the Jews. Many prominent voices in the church also reject this, and adopted a theology variously described as Replacement Theology, Supercessionism etc.

Israel in Today's World and in Prophecy

Israel regathered

All Israel will be saved - what does that mean?

Israel in Crisis -

Who Hates Israel? -

Israel and the Nations -

Other peoples living in Israel

Israel - Living in a tough neighbourhood

Israel's battles - and future batles

Protagonists -

What chance Peace in Israel? -

Anti-Semitism -

Great Britain ? -

Blessing / Curse -

Roots of Hatred -

Palestinian Propaganda -

Indoctrination of children -

Mohammed al Dura

the War on Terror -

Islam -

Public Opinion -

Media Bias -

2006 Lebanon war coverage - The Bloggers strike back

Replacement Geography -

Replacement History -

Sderot -


Israel against Israel -

Internet against Israel

Christian organisations against Israel -

Individual Christians against Israel

Biblical Christian Zionism -

Arguing our cause -

Warning against disunity

Tribes and Nations -

Europe -

Land -

Two State Solution -

The Road Map -


End Times Prophecies -

Dear World -


Jews and Christians

God's plan for Jews and Gentiles to come together in the New Covenant, as one new man was rejected by many Gentiles and many Jews, who could not let go of their hostility and allowed it to influence their beliefs and interpretation of Scripture. The (Jewish) Christian apostle to the Gentiles, Sha'ul / Paul attempted to correct these errors and forestall the hostility and anti-Semitism that have poisoned relations between Jews and Christians. The heart of his letter to the church in Rome (climaxing in chapters 9 to 11) spelled out how Gentile believers in the Jewish Messiah are “grafted in” among the Jewish believers.

Jews & Christians - sub directory

Studies in Paul's letter to Romans a series of podcasts following the thread of Paul's concern about the church's attitude to Jews.

Olive - Paul's teaching about Gentiles being grafted in to God's Olive tree

Olive Tree - What is the olive tree we are grafted in to. Where do the Jews fit in?

One New Man - wildolive - using wildolive

New Moves within Christianity in Israel

The Jews




Being there pro Israel events

Biblical Christian Zionism

Against christian-zionism

Blood libel

Calendars - Jewish and Christian

Complete Jewish Bible

Dabru emet

Dear Church

Authority - given to God's people

Dual Covenant Theology


Grace and Law

Greek or Hebrew

Hatikvah Trust


Church History

England history

Rabbi Jesus (Yeshua from Nazareth)

Ruth as a parable of Israel and the Church

Saul / Paul - did he change his name?

Shepherds - Why did Jesus call himself the good shepherd?

Strategy - God's purposes for Israel

Under law ?

Walking Together

What can I do ? - ideas

Hosting Israelis - a way to touch the hearts of young Israelis

Where was God? / Where is God?

Who killed Jesus ?

Why so hard ? - Why are the Jews so resistant to the Gospel of Jesus?

Does our Bible upset Jews ?


Responses to God's Plan for Jews and Christians

There has been a great move of the Spirit in the Church to recognise its proper relationship with the Jews and to repent of the errors and sins of earlier generations. The sinful attitude of the wider church towards the Jews has done great harm to the Jews and kept generations of Jews from recognising their Messiah. The church created an anti-Jewish, Gentile Christ, and persecuted Jews in his name. God is calling his Gentile church to repent and to demonstate his love to the Jews (Israel) and remove the many stumbling blocks that we have placed in front of the Jews down the generations.

Being there supporting Israel at events

Biblical Christian Zionism - get your theology straight

Complete Jewish Bible - See the Bible as a Jewish book

Dabru emet - Jews respond - encouraging

Dear Church - Communicate to the Church about Israel

Feasts of the LORD Learn about them

Ruth as a parable of Israel and the Church

Mission Israel - Strategy - God's purposes for Israel

Hosting Israelis - a way to touch the hearts of young Israelis

Authority - given to God's people

Synagogue - visit a synagogue

Walking Together - one Jew and one Christian

What can I do ? - ideas

All Israel will be saved - what does that mean?

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