"My persecutors are powerful, my enemies accuse me falsely. Am I expected to return things I didn't steal?" Psalm 69:4

" the Occupation"

The opponents of Israel continually talk of Israel illegally occupying Palestinian land.

They are parroting the Palestinian Authority, but what do these people mean by occupation and what is the situation in real life - legally?

The Palestinian narrative

All of Israel, "from the River to the Sea" (Jordan to Mediterranean) is occupied Palestine territory.

How do they come to this conclusion?

This is not a claim with any legal or historical basis, but it is a religious argument. Any territory once gained for Allah (conquered by the sword) may never be relinquished. Therefore, although the Muslims were but one of many peoples that occupied the land, in Islamic thought, only the Muslim conquest stands forever. Therefore, the fact that The Jews were returning to the land that has been theirs for thousands of years by covenant from God counts for nothing. (archaeology substantiates this)

The Anti-Israel activists' narrative

The United Nations believes that peace can be achieved in the Middle East if Israel gives up its claim to the land that the Arabs / Muslims claim is theirs. (See above)

Therefore, Israel is in the wrong when it defies the United Nations and refuses to give up the disputed territory to create a state of Palestine. For this, Israel is deemed to be an illegal occupier.

(Note - the territory in question varies across these narratives. The western anti-Israel campaigners assume the territory in question to be just the land west of the "Green Line", while the Muslims they are supporting are talking among themselves about an area that will completely erase Israel - the basic aim of the whole dispute.)

What legal basis is there for the "Occupation" accusation ?


More on International Law

Terrorism is justified as "Resistance" to "the Occupation"

But terror predates the so called occupation that started in 1967, when Israel reversed the Jordanian occupation of the "West Bank"

How can these terrorist outrages be due to an occupation that had not yet occurred?

1920-21 - Anti Jewish riots

1929 - Disturbances including the Hebron Massacre *

1936 to 1939 - Arab Revolt

1939 to 1945 - Palestinian co-operation with Hitler's Nazis

1947 - terror campaign

1948 - Arab nations invade the new state of Israel

1952 - Fadayeen raids organised by Egypt

1950 to 1956 - fifty five deadly attacks

* 67 Jews murdered, many injured and the rest removed. With the acquiescence of the British.

What occupation were the Arabs resisting then?


Posted 30/05/14

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