Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written. John 1:25

Further study about Israel, Judaism, Christianity

Recommended Books about Israel, which have been very helpful in preparing this web site.



Author ISBN number               (where possible)
The Complete Jewish Bible 2 D Stern 965-359-018-9 paperback
The Complete Jewish Bible 2 D Stern 965-359-015-4 hardback
Jewish New Testament Commentary 2 David Stern 965-359-011-1
Unlocking the Bible  2 D Pawson 0-00-716666-4
Israel in the New Testament 1 D Pawson 9-781901-949643
The Jewish Gospel of John 2 E Lizorkin-Eyzenberg free pdf download
Identity Theft 1 R Cantor 9-780768-442175
Who Ate Lunch With Abraham ? 1 A Intrater  
Why Care about Israel 1 S Teplinsyy 978-0-8007-9343-2
Your People shall be My People 1 D Finto 0-8307-2653-5
The Uniqueness of Israel 3 Lance Lambert 0-85476-515-8
The God Chasers 1 T Tenney 0-7684-2016-4
Jesus in the Feasts of Israel - replaced by book below 1 R Booker 0-88270-633-0
Celebrating Jesus in the Biblical Feasts 1 R Booker 10:0-7684-2737-1
Understanding Revelation 1 M Hedding 978-1-61718-007-1
The Feasts of Israel 2 K J Connor 091493642-5
Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus 1 Bivin & Blizzard 1-56043-350-X
Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence 2 N Gordon 978-0-9830981-2-6
The Hebrew Yeshua vs the Greek Jesus 1 N Gordon 0-9762637-0-X
A Prayer To Our Father 2 Gordon & Johnson 978-0-9762637-4-6
His Hallowed Name Revealed Again 1 K Johnson 978-0-615-33323-6
JEWISH INSIGHTS INTO SCRIPTURE 2 Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg 9781981822041

The Jewish Gospel of John - (free pdf download )

3 Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
The Odyssey of the Third Temple 3 Rabbi Yisrael Ariel   ?
The Coming Last Days Temple 2 R Price 1-56507-901-9
Searching for the Ark of the Covenant 2 R Price 0-7369-1052-2
Seeing Christ in the Tabernacle 2 E Hershberger 0-86831-00599-5
The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread 2 R Booker 0-914903-26-8
How the Cross became a Sword 1 R Booker 0-9615302-6-x
Here Comes the Bride 3 R Booker 0-9615302-4-3
Shabbat Shalom 3 R Booker 0-9615302-6-x
THE ISRAELI SOLUTION 1 C Glick 978-0-385-34806-5
When Day and Night Cease 2 R Bennett Arm of Salvation Press
Saga -  Israel and the Nations 2 R Bennett Arm of Salvation Press
Philistine 2 R Bennett 965-90000-1-4
A Slow Train Coming 2 David Silver 81-87858-56-7
Holy to Yahveh 2 T Goldblum Seedman 1-883928-18-4         
His Hallowed Name Revealed Again 1 K Johnson 9780615333236
I Became as a Jew 2 S Sorko-Ram 0-89985-253-x
The Wounded Lover 1 C Darg
How the Church Lost The Way 1 Steve Maltz 978-0-9562296-0-1
The World Turned Upside Down 1 Melanie Philips 1594033757
BDS for Idiots 3 Barry Shaw 9781523721573
A State Beyond The Pale 1 Robin Shepherd 978-0-7538-2713-0
The Mountains of Israel 1 N Parrish Archbold 965-90100-0-1
The Land of Many Names 1 Steve Maltz 1-86024-287-1
The Fight for Jerusalem 2 Dore Gold 978-1-59698-029-7
The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah 2 David Baron
The Anguish of the Jews 1 E H Flannery 0-8091-2702-4

The Coming Prince (as found in Daniel's visions)

1 Sir Robert Anderson 9781481007931
Jesus Ben Joseph 3 W Riggans 9-78154-242273
Roots of Our Faith 2 Chuck Cohen 965-90458-0-8
Operation Exodus 2 G Scheller 1-85240-1
Messianic Passover Hagadah 2 B & S Rubin
The Illuminated Haggadah 3 Frances Lincoln 0-7112-1106-x
Websters Hebrew  Dictionary     (Hebrew transliterations to/from English) 3 Hayim Baltsan 0-671-88991-5
Hebrew for Everyone 3 R & R Solomon  ( Epistle) ( Israel)
Judaism 2 GCSE textbook Heineman 
Battling With Nazi Demons 2 Werner Oder 978-1-907509-21-6
History Upside Down 1 D Meir-Levi 978-1-59403-192-2
When Jesus Returns 1 David Pawson 10:0-340-61211-8
Ready for His Return? 2 Ray Borlase 978-1-905084-13-5
Beyond Iraq - The Next Move 1 Mike Evans 1-59379-010-4
Betrayed - The conspiracy to divide Jerusalem 2008 1 Mike Evans 10:0-935199-34-9`
The Jewish Kitchen 3 J Jackson 1-85648-338-x
Symbols of Judaism 3 Marc-Alain Ouakin 9782908228359
Baedeker Israel  (Guidebook) 3 Baedeker 0-7495-1255-5
Planting a Bible Garden 3 Hepper 0-11-250011-0
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam 1 P Sookhdeo 185792-699-4
Miracles Among Muslims (was The Jesus Visions )  1 C Darg 88-89127-38-4
Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat 2 Victor Mordecai
Jihad, Islam against Israel and the West 2 Moshe Sharon  
Modern Islamic Warfare - free pdf 2 Dr Harold Rhode Modern_Islamic_Warfare.pdf
Why I Left Jihad 2 Walid Shoebat 0-9708140-6-2
Now they call me Infidel 2 Nonie Darwish 978-1-59523-044-7
Once an Arafat Man 2 Tass Saada 10:1-4143-2361-1
Londonistan 2 Melanie Philips 978-1-903933-90-9
Islam Christianity and Israel 3 R Booker 0-9615302-3-5
The West, Islam and Islamism 2 C Cox & J Marks 978-1-903386-54-5
God at Ground Zero 2 Curt Sewell 0-89051-176-4
Scared to Death 3 Booker & North 978-0-8264-7620-3
The Real Global Warming Disaster 3 C Booker 978-1-4411-1052-7
The Dawkins Delusion 3 McGrath & McGrath 978-0-281-05927-0
Christ the Healer
FF Bosworth 978-0-8007-9457-6
Speak to the Mountain
C Darg Exploits
Healed of Cancer
D Osteen 0-912631-33-3
Healed of Cancer
J Lawson Bridge Publishing
God's Creative Power for Healing
C Capps 978-0-9820320-0-8

NB   School textbooks on Judaism are a very interesting introduction with plenty of informative pictures and accounts of life for ordinary Jewish families.  Jewish Cookery books are often a good source of information on the Feasts and celebrations, including very informative pictures.

"israel today" is a monthly magazine giving a biblical perspective on events in and concerning Israel.  It is available for an annual subscription.  ( )

"Jerusalem Post Christian Edition" Produced in association with IFCJ. Monthly.

"Jerusalem Post - International Edition" - weekly newspaper and comment from Israel

"WORD from JERUSALEM" is the newsletter of ICEJ.  It is published every other month, for friends and supporters.

Video DVDs
Yeshua     Mark Villeger
The Wounded Lover Christine Darg
Mysteries of the Jewish Passover Neil Cohen
Behold The Man (DVD Series) Dwight Prior
You can be Healed Christine Darg
Hebrew Yeshua vs Greek Jesus Nehemiah Gordon
Anatomy of Child Self Sacrifice Palestinian Media Watch Jerusalem vistas
The Promise Howard Conder Revelation TV
Battle for Zion Kelvin Crombie
The Destiny of Britain Hugh Kitson Hatikvah Trust
The Forsaken Promise Hugh Kitson Hatikvah Trust
Blessing, Curse or Coincidence Hugh Kitson Hatikvah Trust
The Fight of Our Lives G Greenfield  
Weapons of the Spirit Pierre Sauvage

Le chambon

Forbidden Peace Jews for Jesus Jews for Jesus
Schindler's List Steven Spielberg (Feature film)
The Pianist Roman Polanski (Feature film)
Defiance Edward Zwick (Feature film)
Fiddler on the Roof Norman Jewison (Feature film)

The  feature film, The Miracle Maker was notable for its Jewish details as well as its other virtues. It is now available on video cassette.    "Fiddler on the Roof" is suggested as a good introduction to Jewish customs and thought.

Video teaching on line

AlefBeta has an excellent selection of video teachings by Rabbi David Fohrman.

A certain amount may be viewed free of charge, but a subscription to access the whole library is recommended.

Audio - podcasts

The Jewish Story Rav Mike Feuer
Pearls from the Torah Gordon and Johnson
Prophet Pearls Gordon and Johnson
Feast of Tabernacles ICEJ
Romans - the whole book wildolive Romans studies


Audio - CDs

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem makes available CDs of the Feast of Tabernacles addresses .  These contain inspiring teaching from top class speakers.

David Pawson teaching available from ICEJ includes

Israel in The New Testament     (since 2001 at the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles - Romans, Revelation, Hebrews and Matthew so far)

Islam and Christianity is essential listening (on CD or video)

Many David Pawson teachings are  available from Anchor Recordings, The Street, Kennington, Ashford, TM24 9AS, United Kingdom.   

 Telephone 01233 620958.  or on line at

David Pawson material is now available in Spanish.  (Espanol )

Dwight Prior library of excellent material on DVD, CD and books ( from CFI in UK)


It is possible to buy a Virtual Reality  fly through of the Temple, with opportunities to view its furniture and vessels and simulation of its services.   It is sold in the USA as "The Ultimate Temple"  by Quantum Link Inc, 21218 St Andrews Boulevard, Suite 234, Boca Raton, Fl, 33433, USA.



for interesting products, including music and clothing and Jewelry bearing the first century seal of the messianic church in Jerusalem shown in the margin to the right.

Visit for Messianic music, videos, links and information.


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