"But there are also many other things Yeshua did; and if they were all to be recorded, I don't think the whole world could contain the books that would have to be written!" - John 21:25

Directory of pages on wildolive

911 terror attack

About us

Abraham's seed

Against christian-zionism

Aliyah - Jews go home to Israel from the Diaspora

All Israel saved

America and Israel

Ancient hatred

And Britain ?

And Britain ? - prophetic words

And Britain? - Habakuk's message for Britain

And Britain's Duplicity



Apartheid - the accusation against Israel compared with the real thing

Arguing our case




Audio files on wildolive




Bad theologies affecting Israel and the Christian

Balaam's error

Baptism in the Spirit


Barmitzvah - Coming of Age

BBC and Balen - refusing to publish the findings of its own enquiry

Be not conformed

Beast - the Beast of Revelation

Before you leave wildolive

Beginner's Guide to Christian faith

Beginner's Guide to Messianic faith

Being there pro Israel events

Being there 2

Bethlehem and the beleaguered Christians

The Bible

Bible against israel ?

Bible upsets Jews ? accusations of anti-Semitism in the New Testament

Biblical Christian Zionism

Big words in Christian terminology

Bless / curse


Blogs strike back

Blood libel - since medieval times

Blood libel 2014

Books recommended on wildolive

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions

Bris milah - circumcision

Baptist Times - "Peacemakers" article

BUGB article anti-Israel

Calendars - Jewish and Christian

Campus against Israel

CATC (Christ at the Checkpoint conference)

CATC 2014

Channukah - Hannukah feast

Christendom ?

Christian myths

Christian Palestinianism

Christians against Israel

Christian dates

Complete Jewish Bible

Contact us

Counting the Omer


Cross - its religious significance - why is it a problem to the Jews? - what does it mean?

Cross - physically - Death by Crucifixion - the facts

Cross-exchange The exchange Jesus made with us

Cursed? has God cursed the Jews?

Dabru emet - Speak Truth - A Jewish perspective

David's tabernacle

Dear Church - communication our view to the Church

Dear Muslim - reaching out to Muslims, as Christians

Dear world - one Jew's dispute with the hostile world


Denominations against Israel

Directory - this page

Disunity - When we stand up for the truth about Israel, are we doing it in the right spirit?

Double standards when judging Israel

Dual Covenant Theology

Durban Conference a weapon against Israel

Endtimes prophecies yet to be fulfilled

England history - The Jews in England - 1066 - 1290


Europe and Israel

Evangelicals against Israel


Family - Kingdom - God's plan for world redemption

Feasts of the LORD

Firstborn (dedication of)

Follower To become a follower of Jesus

Footnote for Jewish visitors

Forgivness - we all need it

Galatians on Israel

Gap between spring feasts and autumn/fall feasts


Gaza History

Gaza 2012

Gaza 2014

Gaza blockade

Gaza blockade Legality

Gaza Blockade PM

Gaza by Kemp UK's Col Richard Kemp discusses warfare

Gaza demos

Gaza Flotilla

Gaza Videos

Gazans speak

Genocide - how the Holocaust was made to happen

Gilo - Jerusalem suburb - called a settlement

Goldstone Report on Gaza 2012

God's Strategy for redeeming Israel

Grace and Law - discussed

Greek or Hebrew - spectacles for reading the Bible

Gulf War III - Islamic State

Haggadah - the guide for having a Passover Seder

Halal (permissible for Muslims) food etc

Halloween - harmless fun or evil?


Har Homa - Jerusalem suburb - called a settlement

Hatikvah Trust - produce excellent films

Healing - reconnecting with Healing in the Gospels

Healing case studies

Healing importance

Healing key

Healing - opposition within church

Healing practical

Healing toolkit

Heaven / Hell

Hebrew - the language and its significance

Hereford history (re the Middle Ages Jewish Community)

History - the Church in relation to Israel :(


The Holocaust and the Palestinians

Holocaust not all down to Hitler's Nazis

Holocaust denial

Holy week for Yeshua

Hosting Israeli Tourists a chance to touch Israeli hearts


Immigration or Invasion ?

Index home page

Index backup - development version of home page

Individual Christians against Israel

Indoctrination of Palestinian children, and incitement to violence

Info - Matters of faith sub directory

Instruments (musical)

International Law concerning Israel

Internet Links - by topic

Internet links alphabetical

Intifada 2014

Iran - enemy of Israel

Iran Deal

Iran going Nuclear

Islam - Is what we are told about Islam true?

Islam FAQ

Islam means Peace ?

Islam reforms ?

Islam on Women

Islam's License to Kill

Islam's "Tiny Few Violent Extremists" - a myth?

Islamic State attacks France - 16 November 2015 - background

Islamic Terrorism



Islam denominations

Israel on Internet - the battle

Israel regathered - prophecy fulfilled

Israel and the nations

Israel against Israel

Israel in crisis

"Israel Lobby" in Britain - imagined

Israel Lobby - actual

Israel's Battles


Jews & Christians - sub directory

Jihad (Islamic holy war)

Kingdom - the Kingdom of God /Kingdom of Heaven

Kosher - Jewish food law

Navigation structure

Site Map - L1C1

L2C1 God's Plan

L2C3 Religion

L2C4 History

L2C5 The World

L2C6 The Nations

L2C7 wildolive

Land - Who's Land is it Anyway?

Lawfare Legal warfare / warfare waged through the courts

Lebanon - Media Coverage of the Hizballah - Israel conflict

Little Mohammed al Dura - another blood libel

Magog / Russia war of Ezekiel

Mandela Phenomenon - Saint or sinner or media phenomenon?

Marketing Evil - explaining the pervasiveness of evil in our world

Media bias against Israel

Messianic Debate

Messianic history

Messianic seal

Military ethics - Israel's higher than any other

Minor feasts of the Bible

Mission Israel - when you visit Israel, what does God want of you?

Modern states of the Middle East - not just Israel

Mohammed cartoons - and the ensuing row (s)

Muslim on Muslim violence !?

Muslims and Jesus

Mosque here ? in our town ?

Multiple fronts on which Israel must fight

Munich movie - a fair representation of Israel?

Muslim Fanatics - The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history.

My denomination - Baptist Missionary Society against Israel

My denomination - what about yours?

Names in the Bible - their significance

Names of God - The name of God appears 6828 times in the Bible. What is it?

National disasters related to treatment of Israel - Genesis 12:3 in action?

Neighbourhood - Israel in a tough neighbourhood

New moon (Rosh Chodesh)

New Moves within Christianity in Israel

New Pages on wildolive

Next lebanon war (?)

NGOs - Non Government Organisations - against Israel

Nom de guerre - as used by Palestinians

Numbers in the Bible - their significance

Nutshell gospel

the "Occupation"

Olive tree - the reason for wildolive

Olive parable - the reason for wildolive

(Studying all of Romans )

Olympics - London 2012 - anti-Israel?

Oslo Accords

Oslo void 2015 - due to Palestinian actions

Other Peoples in Israel

Palestine state 2012 ?

Palestinian Charters - see what they still say (partners for peace?)

Palestinian Christians - Why do they act and believe the Palestinian Authority line on Israel ?

Palestinian incitement to commit terrorist acts

Palestinian lexicon - the careful use of words

Palestinian life - understanding the Palestinians, their culture, their leaders and their lives.

Palestinian Money - needs content - where it comes from and where it goes!

Palestinian Refugees - the truth behind a weird construct

Palestine State 2012 or 2017 ?

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Paradigm shift - complete lack of understanding between the friends and the oponents of Israel.

Peace ? Can it happen?

Peace - the world's understanding Revealed by eulogy for Shimon Peres (2016)

Persecution and the believer

Pessach - Passover

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - how and why.

Philosophy and Christian belief

Picture file - pictures on wildolive

Politics - sub directory of pages on the politics surrounding Israel

Post Modernism - Living in the Post Christian era

Post zionist ? What is happening to Zionism in Israel?

Poverty biblical or socialist perspective

Prayer - Jewish perspective on prayer

Praying - Communicating with our Heavenly Father

Problem page - personal problems (not related to Israel)

Promise - TV drama - anti-Israel ideas through drama

Propaganda - in Palestinian Authority

Protagonists in Middle East conflict

Public opinion as it affects Israel - the arena in which we all have a part.

Purim - Feast of Esther

Quotes about Jews

Quotes relevant to wildolive

Rabbi Jesus (Yeshua from Nazareth)

Rapture - when to expect it ?

Recommend us - please

Repentance - prerequisite for sacrifice and Atonement

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Replacement Theology - "God rejected Israel"

Replacement Calendar

Resources on wildolive

Revelation - book of

Revival - what is it ?


Roadmap (S) - Peace plans produced outside Israel

Rockets - How serious are the rockets hitting Israel ?

Romans Bible study podcasts (soon)

Rosh Hashanah - (new year)

Ruth as a parable of Israel and the Church

Sacrifice - all the different sacrifices

Same God ?

Saul / Paul - did he change his name?

Science - does real science really disagree with the Bible?

Sderot - the front line of Gaza terror

Settlers and Settlements - facts and fiction - heroes or villains ?

Sexuality (not re Israel)Shabbat - Sabbath


Sharia Law (Islamic Law)

Shavuot - (Pentecost)

Signs in the Heavens - eg Blood Moons

Siloam - the Pool of Siloam discovered.

Sin - the bad news that forms the background for the Good News

Site Map - the start of the navigation plan

Sizer - anti-Israel article by Steven Sizer published in in Baptist Times

Sizer's friends - Leading anti-Israel vicar appears to have unsavoury friends.

Social Gospel - is it compatible with the Gospel of Jesus?

Stolen land ? - Really ?

Strategy - God's purposes for Israel

SukKot - Feast of Tabernacles

Synagogue - inside a synagogue

Syria - the situation next to Israel

Tabernacles Trip - pictures

Temple / Tabernacle

Temple - non physical

Temple of Ezekiel - planned but not yet built - when will it be built.

The deal - getting saved through Jesus

The world and the Christian

The Jews - who are they ?

The cross - its religious significance - why is it a problem to the Jews? - what does it mean?

The cross - physically - Death by Crucifixion - the facts

The Trinity - God in three persons - echad is a composite unity, as husband and wife being one

Threads running through the Bible

Too much said about Anti-Semitism ?

Tribes and nations - tribes of Israel (Ya'akov)

Tribulation - the

Trinity - God in three persons - echad is a composite unity, as husband and wife being one

Tu b'shvat - new year of the trees

Tunnels - a terror weapon

Two Jerusalems - one on earth and one in heaven.

Two state solution ? could it work ?

United Nations - not the good thing it purports to be !

UN condemned

UN Speeches

Unbelief - Important truths that have fallen by the wayside in the Church.

Under law ? - Do Christians really understand when they talk about THE LAW?

Understanding the Times

Unilateral state ? - of Palestine

Until as a Biblical concept

Upside down - the World is Upside Down

Using wildolive

Violence and the Bible

Walking Together - A Jew and a Christian - individual relationships

Walls around the World

W.C.C. - World Council of Churches - hates Israel.

We all worship the same god - Right? - - comparisons

Wealth and the Bible

Weapons against Israel - not just military

Weddings - Jewish traditions - as Jesus knew

What now ? - what might happen next in the Middle East (09/06/14)

What's New ? Latest happenings - regularly updated

What can I do ? - ideas

Where was God? / Where is God?

Whither the church ? - looking at worrying trends.

Who are the Palestinians ? - Really ?

Who hates Israel ?

Who killed Jesus ? - Deicide charge against the Jews - but who was really responsible?

Whose Church ?

Why ? Why and wherefore of wildolive

Why so hard ? - Why are Jews so resistant to the Gospel?

Wild claims - beware of them

wildolive stuff

Women - Understanding their position in scripture

Yad Vashem - Israel's Holocaust Memorial museum

Yeshua follower - for the Jew contemplating the claims of Yeshua as Messiah of Israel

Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement

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