The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One. Psalms 2:2

USA administration and Israel ?

The Obama Administration was anti-Israel

What about the Trump administration?

Wildolive is not qualified to judge the President of the United States, the most powerful man on earth.

Malcolm Hedding explained, in Biblical Christian Zionism, that it is not for us to tell Israel’s leaders what they should be doing; so it is even less our business (those of us who are not Americans) to lecture the president of the USA.

A fellow Christian Zionist who runs a prayer for Israel group was reprimanded by God for praying against President Obama, because God put Barak Obama in power. We should be praying for our leaders; especially in light of their policies towards Israel.

The Obama administration.

The Obama administration Foreign Policy was negative towards Israel, but warm towards Islamic nations - even renegade states like Iran. (failing to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons - Iran Deal)

There was much concern about President Obama's enthusiasm for Islam.

Obama's statements at the UN placed him firmly on side with the Palestinian narrative.

Obama's overtures to the Muslims encouraged their leaders to believe they are more important and influential than they really are.

Obama and the leaders of the democratic nations failed to demand that the Palestinians cease their devastating torrent of hate propaganda against Israel.

There was concern about the number of Muslims brought in to the administration; some being Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy.

Obama's 'intelligence' agencies urged preparing for a 'post-Israel Middle East'

Muslim money - Hillary Clinton received $41,165 from prominent Islamists.


The Trump Administration

During the presidential campaign, the almost universally left wing American Media really went to town on discrediting Donald Trump and dredging up unsavoury but not particularly relevant or reliable accusations from years back. The much more serious, relevant and recent scandals involving the Clintons were studiously avoided.

Sadly the media elsewhere (notably the UK) cheerfully ran the American media material on Trump without questioning it.

Even more sadly, Christians swallowed the image of Donald Trump as a loudmouthed misogynist buffoon, and grew to hate him.

What is the truth about Donald Trump and his administration ?

He does not trade on his Christianity, but he is believed to have recently come to a genuine faith in Jesus.

His vice President, Mike Pence, is a well known, solid Christian.

He has more Christian advisers on his staff than any administration for a long time.

The weekly Bible study with his staff is unknown since long ago.

Trump's surprise election victory came after fervent prayer for America had been made.

Trump is not in the pay of any lobby groups

Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Halley has been amazing in speaking the truth about Israel and the conflict.

Son in law and adviser Jared Kushner has recognised that the Israel - Palestinians conflict may not be solvable. (Kushner and his wife are Jewish)

During his campaign Donald Trump promised to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. many presidential candidates have promised this and then reneged . Donald Trump appears to have discovered the realities of the influence of the establishment and postponed the move. It remains to be seen what he does about this.

Judgment on his position about forcing Israel into peace negotiations would be premature. He has said some sensible things, but the "two state solution" is still seeking to burst out from the administration.

It appeared that Trump had realised that gaining a solution to the rantings of Palestinian leaders was not actually important or beneficial to U S interests, but then he went to talk with Mahmoud Abbas rather sooner than was may have been necessary.

Trump has not done anything bad to Israel thus far, but one congregation leader has shared, very diffidently, the feeling in his spirit that Donald Trump might have been called by God for a Cyrus moment, but has fallen down over the embassy move and pushing Israel into negotiations again. Could the unprecedented tropical storms, Harry and Irma, be an outcome? It sounds harsh, but Israel suffered a plague on account of David's failure to obey.

Watch events carefully, but remember to filter out the anti- Trump noise and bias.

Remember too that rampaging leftists on the street demonstrating against Trump does not mean that he is not a good man and a good president. These are signs of a dangerous emerging climate of political violence.


Updated 00/09/17

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