"For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery......" Romans 11:25

Hatikvah Film Trust

Trailers for DVDs highly recommended on wildolive


The Forsaken Promise

Hatikvah have just re-mastered their latest documentary entitled ‘A Call to Repentance’ which will be up on their website shortly for just £5. It is the International abridged version of The Forsaken Promise.

The Destiny of Britain

Prequel to the above ( Released as the Cyrus Call in North America)

The Land Cries Out

Blessing, Curse or Coincidence

Part 1 of a Trilogy

This trailer predates the issue of parts 1 and 2 that are now available on DVD or on demand

Jacob's Tears

Volume 2 of Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence


Jerusalem - the Covenant City


Updated 31/08/15

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