"But you, what you do is whitewash with lies; you are all witch doctors!" Job 13:4


A picture of a Jewish man yelling angrily at a Muslim woman made the rounds in the anti-Israel media. Proof of Israeli aggression against the Arabs? Here is the true story.

The Palestinian system has been dubbed PALLYWOOD because there is a large industry producing short movies for international consumption on our news media and social media.

Honest Reporting Video about the Little Mohammed story

The story of Mohammed's death served to inflame passions against Israel around the world and to give momentum to the Palestinian Intifada, which had started that month.  The key image has since been recycled in various media, including TV advertising exhorting Palestinian children to seek martyrdom.

Those concerned about the appalling way in which the world's media have handled the conflict in Israel and desperate to see an authoritative challenge will be glad to see the Second Draft  site.     The site is produced by communication professionals and gives analysis of the issues and a glossary of terms.   This will help you to understand the issues behind the media war against Israel.

The Analysis of the propagation of the story about the death of Mohammed al Dura on this site is particularly important, since this incident has been the cause of a major escalation of world hatred of Israel.  This site presents all the video evidence so that  you will be able to prove to your satisfaction that  the coverage was a cynical media fabrication.   The evidence suggests that the 59 second piece showing the "death" of Mohammed was actually the result of 5 takes.  The site carries articles to help you understand the dynamics of media coverage.         www.seconddraft.org


The graphic of the Pallywood Oscar - like the Hollywood oscars byt wearing a kefiya. www.pallywood.comSee also http://www.pallywood.com/

Plenty of videos revealing Pallywood at work.

Pallywood was working hard during the 2014 Hamas - Israel war

Pallywood comes to Gaza

Falsified video material for the world's TV channels

The alleged bombing of the UN School at Rafah.

www.thomaswictor.com/two-pallywood-duds analyses this incident. The report is slightly heavy on sarcasm, but contains an assembly of evidence of falsification, media guillability (or complicity) and United Nations acquiescence. Check it out.

Even the Guardian admits that the attack happened outside the school.


Footage of the event shows that the victims of the strike were dragged into the grounds of the school and, apparently augmented with other dead (maybe) people. Later shots show the blood trails in through the school gates, where the two bodies were dragged in!

A reminder of how Pallywood works

The Zionist Organization of America has called upon the Obama Administration to retract its condemnation, noting that the evidence now shows that Israel did indeed, as it claimed at the time, fire at terrorists just outside the school, where a missile strike on the road outside is plainly evident; that dead bodies were moved by Hamas from outside the school to inside its courtyard to mislead people into believing that the school itself had been hit; that the body of a small girl was added to the pile of adult bodies to make it look as if all the deaths came from the school, then was later removed, leaving doubt as to whether she was in fact killed; and that the bodies of two dead men photographed outside the school were also later shown inside the school courtyard, indicating they too were moved.

The alleged killing of four lads on the beach

The Israelis took the blame even though the IDF was unable to determine how the lads died.

As for the incident above, Thomas Wictor must have put hours of work into checking and comparing all the available images and footage and found evidence of image faking and moving of bodies. It is a pity the IDF does not do this kind of work for itself. There is no disputing that the boys died, but how and where is very much open to question. Below I have extracted and arranged a few key points to inadequately summarise his findings, but please visit the Thomas Wictor page for the full story.

Here’s a French report that’s inaccurate in virtually every possible way, but this version of events has entered the collective consciousness. (Echoes of Mohammed al Dura)

We see the children running, but then there’s an edit, and we hear an explosion. A Palestinian photographer was said to have caught the moment the four children were killed. That’s not true; witnesses say he caught the moment three children were killed. One child was killed at the Hamas police post. (below)

The IDF did destroy a building but it was a Hamas police post. The press lied about this incident in too many ways to count. They said this was a fisherman’s hut, and then they said that the building next to the post was the real police post. The IDF did itself no favors by refusing to explain in detail that the boys were using a known Hamas position.

Of the runners, the boy in the green shirt was hit with fragments in the face and chest. The boy in the red shirt was hit in the back and right side, he lost most of his clothes, and he was burned. The smallest boy was terribly mutilated; his legs were broken and bent to his right, and he was thrown several yards-meters from the explosion. The boys’ wounds are exactly consistent with a fragmentation-blast munition that exploded at the red oval, relative to the boys’ positions.

However, there’s no crater. I’ve looked at every piece of film and photo available, and there’s no sign of a crater. Yet the wounds of the smallest boy could not have been caused by an airburst munition. (the type of ammunition had an IDF gunboat been responsible) None of the children appear to have been killed by a munition that exploded over their heads.

Here’s the reason there’s no crater at the “explosion” site, and why there’s no blood in the sand from those horrendous wounds. The boys were killed further up the beach, and then their bodies were moved back to the the yellow-and-blue tent to create the scene discovered by the journalists who arrived from their hotel 300 metres away. In those few minutes, the Palestinians concocted the fiction that the boys were killed on an empty, open beach while playing soccer.

In a blowup you can see how it appears that a hotel was pasted over the image of the boys.

A final embellishment: The pictures of the dead boys lying in the sand show no blood. Yet at the funeral, one child was wrapped in a bloody shroud. That’s fake blood. No question. If you doubt it, look up the photos of the bodies on the beach.

What kind of people use dead children as props to advance their totalitarian politico-religious agenda? The Palestinians. Knowing what I do about Hamas, my gut tells me that someone tossed a hand grenade. At close range that would cause all the wounds, burn the children, and tear off their clothes.


Posted 31/03/15

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