"..............stop false accusation and slander," Isaiah 59:8

“ Israel is an Apartheid state” accusation

Acknowledgments to Jock L. Falkson

(See also below on accusations that Israel is a Racist state or that Zionism is Racist )

The apartheid lie attached to Israel is one of several concocted by Palestinians to publicize their cause. A Google search credits Mahmoud Abbas with approximately 19,000 apartheid references

This is a preposterous accusation for the reasons we will demonstrate. It a wicked lie that seeks to enlist world hostility and sanctions against Israel on the grounds of baseless comparisons with the Apartheid regime that once existed in South Africa, and which the world agreed was evil and unjustifiable.

Posters based on the accusation



Danny Ayalon puts it plainly


Apartheid in South Africa was a state organised discrimination between European and non-European citizens of the nation. The discrimination was given a religious justification and valued non-European citizens as having less worth. The degradation of non-whites extended to all aspects of life – even down to benches in public places bearing signs prohibiting non-whites from using them. We will show that none of this applies in Israel.


South Africa in the Apartheid era




The population of South Africa was divided into Whites, Blacks and Coloureds [mixed race] Israel’s population includes – Arabs, Circassian, Druze, Kurds, Armenians, Bedouin as well as Jewish citizens, enjoy equal rights.

Non Whites

All citizens of Israel

did not have the vote

equal voting rights.

(Eleven Arabs sit in Israel’s Knesset.)

had to carry a “Pass Book”. infringements led to jail sentences and often to deportation to the black homelands.

All citizens and legal residents of Israel carry an identity card as required by law.

kept from a wide range of jobs.

No discrimination of this kind

No free education for blacks

(for whites till matriculation.)

No racial distinctions whatever.

Black-white sex was a serious jail time crime.

No Legal sex apartheid in Israel.

Medical services were both restricted and segregated.

Arab citizens benefit equally from government subsidized medical services.

Hospitals services segregated

Ambulances segregated.

Israeli Arabs get the full treatment in all State hospitals.

could not be employed in any of the skilled trades

Arabs can do everything in Israel

“may not use the libraries, cinemas, public transport, public conveniences, post offices public swimming pools and beaches. . ..”

Arabs can do everything in Israel

9 p.m. curfew or face arrest, jail sentences and deportation.

Absolutely unheard of in democratic Israel.

No mixed sport– by law. No such law ever in Israel.
Benches were painted with “Europeans Only” signs. An unimaginable insult in democratic Israel.
not permitted to use the main entrance to buildings. An unimaginable insult in democratic Israel.
given half the pension pensions and child allowances allocated equally to all citizens

. forbidden membership in trade unions

Strikes were banned and strikers severely repressed.

Equal employment rights to all citizens

These pictures are from Apartheid era South Africa - You will not find anything like these in Israel.

At around the time of the 2010 annual "Israel Apartheid Week", when much of the world seeks to demonize and punish Israel for allegedly apartheid policies, Washington was furious that Netanyahu would not stop Jews building in an area described in the Media as "Arab East Jerusalem." The very fact that Israel is not an apartheid state means that there is no prohibition on Jews or Arabs living in designated racial areas!

The most often repeated and deliberate misuse of the apartheid calumny is the use of “apartheid wall/fence” The one thing people overlook is that Apartheid is discrimination against citizens within the nation – not measures taken to protect citizens from attack from non-citizens bent on killing and maiming.

Unlike the twenty-two Judenrein Arab countries of the Middle East, Israel is the only one that neither believes in nor practices apartheid.

The "Apartheid" posters at the top of the page demonstrate a clever use of words and imagery, but complete rejection of facts. The allegations of killing Palestinians and indiscriminate violence against children in Gaza have no connection with Apartheid. They are just using an emotive word to engender hatred and make Israel a pariah state as apartheid South Africa was.

See also Durban 1 and Durban 2 for information on this forum for propagating the apartheid argument.

See also Holocaust Denial - Holocaust Theft for other stolen issues used against Israel.


All the arguments wittily presented.


Real Apartheid states

Juderhein - the Nazis called it. Jew-free.

Neither Jordan nor Saudi Arabia will allow any Jew to live there, and Saudi Arabia will no allow Jews to visit.

(Saudi Airlines will allow no Jews and no Bibles on their flights and their USA partner airline, Delta, followed suit in 2014)


In a briefing with the Egyptian media (August 2010) Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told reporters that no Jews will be allowed to live in a future Palestinian state.

He also said that while he would agree to allow NATO forces to deploy in the future Palestinian state, he would not permit any Jewish soldiers to serve in the NATO units stationed on the territory of such a state. As he put it, "I will not agree that there will be Jews among NATO forces and I will not allow even one Israeli to live amongst us on the Palestinian soil."

Look carefully at the map on the wall.





Lebanon is not the only Arab country that openly enforces Apartheid laws against Palestinians.

What is disturbing about the Apartheid laws in Lebanon and the mistreatment of Palestinians by Arab countries is the silence of the media, the international community and human rights groups -- even UNRWA, which is supposed to look after the well-being of Palestinian refugees.


Lebanon-apartheid-laws Khaled Abu Toameh June 21, 2013










It is already happening.

Even while the Palestinian Authority controls parts of sovereign Israel, Israeli citizens are not allowed those areas.

These signs include thinly veiled threats.



Picture taken 2013.






Ethnic Cleansing

Another ridiculous accusation against Israel - as this map shows. (source unknown)

"Zionism is Racist" or "Israel is a Racist state"

These accusations have become a popular part of the liberal, anti-Israel activists armoury, even though the UN Partition Resolution 181 mentioned thirty times the new state of Israel being a Jewish state. These activists repeatedly cite U.N. resolutions; but selectively.

This accusation is nothing more than enormous hypocrisy. See International Law for the history of the establishment of the State of Israel and the principle of Zionism within the legal process of sorting out who territory belonged to after World War 1.

During this process both a Jewish State and some Arab states were created. Nobody is seeking to dismantle the Arab states because they are racist. (See also Modern States. )

Arab leaders recently agreed it was "impossible" to acknowledge Israel as the Jewish state, claiming that nations should not have such ethnic designations. But look at this list of National designations.

Egypt   "The Arab Republic of Egypt"
Syria   "The Syrian Arab Republic" - ruled by the "Arab Baath Socialist Party"
UAE   "United Arab Emirates"
Libya   "Great Socialist People's Arab Republic"
Jordan   is a monarchy ruled by an Arabian family claiming descent from Mohammed
Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabia
Lebanon   Forced to declare itself an "Arab Nation" under Saudi brokered agreement to end civil war.
and if you object to a Jewish state on religious grounds...
Iran   Islamic Republic of Iran
Afghanistan   Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Pakistan   Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Saudi Arabia   an "Islamic absolute monarchy" with the Koran as its constitution

Islam is the official / state religion in Algeria, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Brunei, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

(Islam is not just a religion, but an empire - it does not separate religion and state and law)

Can it be anything other than bigotry to criticise Israel for being the only Jewish state?

Thanks to David Parsons writing in Jerusalem Post Christian Edition - November 2010

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