"When the time arrives that all these things have come upon you, both the blessing and the curse ..... Deuteronomy 30:1

Israel in Today's  World and in Prophecy


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Israel in Crisis Who Hates Israel? Israel's democracy  
Israel and the Nations Protagonists What chance Peace in Israel?  
Anti-Semitism Great Britain ? Blessing / Curse Roots of Hatred
Palestinian Propaganda Indoctrination of children Mohammed al Dura the War on Terror
Islam Islam Denominations Muslims and Jesus Dear Muslim
Public Opinion Media Bias 2006 war coverage The Bloggers strike back
Replacement Geography ( Google Earth ) Replacement History Sderot
Israel against Israel Settlers    
  Christian organisations against Israel Individual Christians against Israel Dear church
Biblical Christian Zionism Arguing our cause Warning against disunity Disasters
Europe Is Europe the Beast?
Munich Movie Land The Road Map Two State Solution
End Times Prophecies Until Revelation Tribulation
The Rapture Revival Jerusalem Babylon
Tribes and Nations Dear World Quotes What can I do?

Why does it matter to the Christian what is said about Israel, or that our leaders and even much of the Church regard this little country with such disdain?   Why does it matter if we do not understand what is really happening there?

If you want to see the reality of a bombing, click here to go the MFA site where there is video footage

This picture by Reuters is available to the world's media - but did you see it in your newspaper?

The British media is sensitive about showing pictures of dead people, but doesn't the use of cliched, substitute images of destruction cause us to be more disturbed by buildings and vehicles destroyed in security measures than we are by injured and dead Israeli civilians  (Jews and Arabs), victims of Islamic/Palestinian terrorist attacks?   The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website,  www.mfa.gov.il had video footage of the January 2004 bombing of a bus in Jerusalem.  It was just simple, factual, graphic and powerful.   Those who support Palestinian terrorism from the safety of Europe or USA should watch that!

Political manoeuvrings and violence concerning the fate of Israel are usually referred to as "Middle East Politics" or "the Middle East Conflict".  

The reporting usually fails to take one any deeper than a small but bitter, far off  racial/territorial dispute.   The complex history and  the spiritual truth behind the stories seldom  comes out.    The Palestinian version of events is rarely examined critically.

An independent analysis of the situation of the State of Israel.

These articles do not represent the official opinion or policy of any denomination, political group or organization.   


These pages are severely critical of the actions of the Palestinian leaders and terrorists, but the reader should not harbour hateful attitudes to the Palestinian people themselves.   They are oppressed by corrupt leaders who are driven by personal ambition and hatred.   The plight of these people is compounded by the sword of Islam.   In our experience, ordinary Palestinians are generous, warm and friendly people.  They need our prayerful concern, but uninformed support for their  political leaders' campaign against Israel is not the answer. 

When Day and Night Cease

This book traces the hand of God through the every aspect of the events in and around Israel through the twentieth century and into the end times.   


Arguing our cause

Should we be arguing for Israel ?

If we should, how can we do it ?

Is argument productive ?


Israel in Crisis

There are several aspects to the turmoil within Israel itself, which complicate the wider situation.


Israel and the Nations

Israel is not just one more small nation in the sight of God, however the nations of the world despise and condemn it.   The Jews are not just one despised and persecuted people group, but God's special people.  Why is this the case and what are the implications, both in terms of judgment and salvation, for the nations?



 It is important for a Christian not to lose sight of God and hate one side whilst loving the other.   Our God loves all the people involved, but is grieved by the rebellion of mankind against his purposes and their persecution of his chosen and loved people.   The Christian should seek to understand the reality of the situation and pray accordingly.



The right of ownership of the disputed land is not as we are led to believe.   Neither is its history truthfully reported.

See also Replacement History and Replacement Geography (and Archaeology)


Road Maps

What is this "Road Map" talk really all about, and what are its implications for Israel and the world?


Media Bias

Anti-Semitism appears to be deeply ingrained in the world's media, judging by its haste to condemn Israel and the Jews and believe almost anything put out by their enemies.



The media is fed by a very sophisticated propaganda machine run by the Palestinian Authority.  Much of the propaganda directed at the West is sophisticated while that for home consumption can be incredibly crude.

See also Replacement History and Replacement Geography (and Archaeology)


Indoctrination of Palestinian children

It is supposed in the West that young "suicide bombers" must be driven by a deep sense of injustice and desperation.  The western mind can not comprehend the power of the indoctrination practiced on the young in the Palestinian areas.


End Times Prophecies and the Future of Israel

The reason that all of this is important to the believer is Israel's central role in End Times Prophecy.   This is what we are seeing unfolded.


Signs of the coming of the Messiah?

Are the events in Israel indicating how close we are to the end of this age?


Blessing or Curse

A look at the implications of the promise God made to Abraham and to Yaacov (Israel).


Israel's Democracy - The sovereignty of the Knesset is being undermined. Caroline Glick explains.


What chance Peace in Israel?

The world view of the chances for peace in the "Middle East" have no connection with the plans and purposes of the sovereign God of Israel.   How can we expect to see man's schemes bear good fruit.



The continued existence of the Jews and the rebirth of the state of Israel are proof of the existence and the sovereignty of God.   For this the children of Israel suffer the hatred of the world that rejects God.



The source of the major threat to Israel's continued existence.    Islam is wilfully misunderstood in the west, by opinion formers who do not wish to confront its implications.



What those involved are really saying about what is happening in Israel.   Some quotes are most revealing.


What can I do?

All this information is not supplied to make you feel powerless.   We serve the Lord who has all things in His hands and is working out His purposes.   He graciously allows to be involved.


Updated 12/01/22

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