I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. Revelation 22:18-19

The Book of Revelation  -  given to John

Stained glass  All Saints Church, Hereford  -  Revelation 22 and Ezekiel 47

An outline

The  Apostle John was given a special revelation of the things to come, while he was exiled on Patmos.

This summary provides only an outline or introduction, and is no substitute for careful, prayerful study of the book itself.   Anyone wishing to study Revelation is strongly recommended to enlist the aid of David Pawson's excellent, common sense, guidance which can be found in his "Unlocking the Bible"    Rev Pawson points out that the Revelation was written down for ordinary believers, not academics, and is thus best read by ordinary believers.  

This book is very helpful

Understanding Revelation

By Rev. Malcolm Hedding -

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For too many Christians, Revelation is a closed book - they have considered its mysteries and symbols too difficult to understand, and have in effect passed it by.  All too often the topics addressed in Revelation are not dealt with from the pulpit.  Much of its contents are ridiculed as being unimportant to the real issues and beliefs of the Christian faith.  This is a deception. 

Revelation is in fact rich in devotional instruction and so important to God that He promises a blessing upon those who diligently study its pages.  This book has been written to provoke your interest and inspire you to further study of the Book of Revelation in the hope that promised blessing of God will be yours. 


The framework below uses the accepted chapter and verse numbering but, as David Pawson points out, the divisions created by them are artificial and sometimes misleading.  It is suggested that you use them for finding subjects, but read the book as if they were not there.

David Pawson's book gives suggestions for more helpful ways of dividing and understanding this Revelation.

Ch 1-3

Introduction and messages to the seven churches – (7 picture of the whole church) on the Lord’s opinion of their progress. Can you see your church herein?


This revelation is "To show you what must take place after this"

Worship in Heaven


The scroll - only the Lamb may open it  -  The contents of the scroll are revealed

The riders
White Conquest
Red Take away peace
Black Scales (judgment?)
Pale Death

We see the souls of the slain of God’s elect.

The earth and heavens are shaken.


We see the 144,000 sealed (12x12x1000- probably representing the faithful of Israel) and the great multitude of gentiles who have come out of the tribulation.







Seven angels with seven trumpets.

We see the incense bowl which holds the prayers of the saints

Fire from the incense altar is thrown on the earth (think on this)


  Hail fire and blood 

1/3 trees burned

Mountain thrown into the sea 

 1/3 of fish and ships destroyed


Star (Wormwood) falls to earth

1/3 waters turn bitter

 Eagle calling, "woe, woe, woe"

1/3 sun and moon darkened


Star fallen, key to Abyss, opened releasing smoke and locusts

Locusts to bite (torment but not kill) those not sealed. Their king is Abadon (Destroyer)


4 angels (bound by river Euphrates) released

To kill 1/3 mankind – remainder did not repent.


Great angel with trumpet

Mystery of God to be accomplished.



Measuring the Temple

Gentiles trample Temple for 42 months

Two witnesses prophecy for 1260 days (they are 2 olive trees / 2 lampstands)

When they have finished testifying the Beast from the Abyss kills them

Bodies lie in streets 31/2 days (men exchange gifts to celebrate)

Then God raised them and took them up to heaven

An earthquake destroys 1/10 of city - 7000 dead.

Seventh trumpet is sounded, there is worship in Heaven, the Temple is opened and the Ark of the Covenant is seen.


A woman clothed with the sun and moon and stars appeared and gave birth.

A red dragon appeared seeking to devour the child (a male child to rule the nations)

The child was snatched up to Heaven and the woman fled to the desert and was protected for 1260 days.

There was war in heaven and the dragon was hurled down to earth (by Michael and his angels) (dragon is Satan - ancient serpent – the devil)

"devil has gone down – his time is short" He went off to make war on the offspring – those who obey God’s commandments and hold the testimony to Yeshua.


The Beast from the sea.   Men worship him.   Call for endurance from the saints.

Beast from the earth given authority from first beast.   Orders worship of first beast.

Performs signs and wonders – makes an image of the beast which can speak.

People must worship image or die.   They receive the mark of beast (666)


144,000 on Zion. The firstfruits to God.

3 angels.


"Fear God"


"Fallen is Babylon"


"those with the mark to suffer"

"Blessed are those who die in the LORD"


7 last plagues, Worship, Song of Moses

Tabernacle / Temple in Heaven filled with smoke from the Glory so no one could enter.


Seven last plagues - 1 to 6 poured out

V15    "Behold I come like a thief"

Kings gathered at Armageddon

Seventh plague


Judgment on Babylon (represented as a woman drunk with blood of the saints)

She rides on a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns.

(7 for 7 hills (Rome?) and 7 kings – 5 have fallen, 1 is and 1 is to come)

(10 for 10 kings yet to receive kingdoms - for 1 hour will have authority)

They will make war on the Lamb and his followers.


The Fall of Babylon.     v4 "come out of her my people"



V7  The wedding of the Lamb

V11  The rider  "Faithful and True"   "Word of God"

Beast and armies gather for battle  (with him is the false prophet)

Birds summoned to feast on the army

Beast and False Prophet into lake of fire - the rest killed with sword from Messiah's mouth


Satan bound.

The Thousand Years   ( Millennium)  reign of Yeshua.

Satan freed and deceives nations - Gog Magog war - Satan into lake of fire


Death and Sheol into lake of fire; also those not found in the Book of Life


The new Jerusalem      (needs no sun or moon)


The river of Life flowing out from the Temple

v16  our "bright morning star"

Note.  When the term Anti-Christ is used, in the Greek, anti means substitute or counterfeit rather than opponent.

Note.  There is a Jewish belief about a figure corresponding to the Antichrist .

David Pawson sums up Satan's desire that we should be ignorant about Revelation as follows,  "The devil hates the first few pages of the Bible (which reveal how he gained control of our planet) and the last few pages (which reveal how he will lose control of it)   ("Unlocking the Bible" - see Books)

Remember;  This revelation was given to the Church to enable us to be prepared for what is to come, not for speculation about dates. For example Is Europe the Beast of Revelation 13?

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