"But my enemies are alive and well, those who wrongfully hate me increase their numbers;" Psalm 38:19

Christian Palestinianism

Replacement Theology and Liberation Theology provide the basis for a large movement within the Church that has recently been tagged "Christian Palestinianism."

Christian Palestinianists wrongly criticize Christian Zionists as unquestioning supporters of a fascist, racist (Apartheid) Israeli Government.

But it is the Palestinianists who are supporting the lies of a racist government that is committed to the destruction of Israel and the Jews and creation of Juderein (Jew free) / Apartheid state of Palestine.

Notable western leaders in this movement are Stephen Sizer, Gary Burge, Donald Wagner, Colin Chapman, Tony Campolo, Hank Hanegraaff, and Brian McLaren. Leaders in the Middle East include Elias Chacour and Naim Ateek (founder of Sabeel )


Christian Palestinianism - Paul Wilkinson @ 2011 TBC Conference


A Biblical Response to Stephen Sizer - Paul Wilkinson @ Moriel


Prophets Who Prophesy Lies In My Name - Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson's thesis " Prophets Who Prophesy Lies In My Name" might be useful in identifying the advocates of Christian Palestinianism and their arguments.


But there are developments in the opposite direction

Christians in Israel are throwing off their identification as Arabs - aligned with the Muslim objectives to oppose the existence of Israel, and to throw in their lot with the country that is their home and their protector.

New Moves among Israel's Christians


Updated 21/06/16

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