Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

The Indoctrination of Palestinian children, and incitement to violence

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"Child Martyr" Mohammed al Durra just before his death.During the October-November 2000 conflict, the Palestinians made much political capital of the number of children killed by the security forces.   These deaths are much regretted by the I.D.F., but it must be remembered that these youngsters were in the middle of  rioting mobs, often with snipers firing from behind them. The I.D.F. had to keep these mobs from marching on Jewish areas.   The children were there, in many cases, because the Palestine Authority had closed the schools so the children could join the mob.    Although the Palestinian media agents know how to touch western sensibilities, their own attitude to the loss of these young lives is not one that we understand.  

The mother of 13 year old Mohammed al-Durra who was seen around the world, cowering behind his father said, "I am happy that he has been martyred."   Presumably she genuinely believes the promise that "Allah will grant suicide bombers and dead teenagers seven rewards from the moment their blood is spilt fighting the Jews, including the choice of 40 members of family or friends to join them in paradise, and 72 dark eyed (beautiful) women."    (It's in the Hadith, not the Qur'an)

The Anatomy of Child Self-Sacrifice.    buy the videoSuch promises and other incitements are regularly preached and  radio and TV stations broadcast blatant racial hatred and military music.   

The Palestinian Media Watch  ( monitors the Palestinian Media and has collected a horrifying archive showing, among other things, how the Palestine Authority is actively indoctrinating its children from the earliest years to seek to become Shaheeds (martyrs).    This may be achieved either as a suicide bomber or by throwing stones at Israeli forces in the hope of getting shot.   If you find this hard to believe, try and obtain a copy of this video.    If you see what is being shown repeatedly on Palestinian TV the whole violent conflict is explained.   When a whole generation is poisoned with hatred, man can never find a solution;  only God can undo such evil.

To buy a copy of this video click here Israel .  

When our leaders misguidedly assume that young men blow themselves up as "suicide bombers"  out of the desperation of their situation  (for example, Cherie Blair - UK PM's wife) they show ignorance of what lies behind these actions.

* The teachings of Islam have been twisted to commend "suicide attacks" and promise a direct path to paradise, which is not promised for any other act or holiness of life.  This offer includes chosen members of one's family.

* A young person who dies as a "Shaheed" is venerated;  his (her) desk at school is turned into a shrine and his parents become very highly respected members of the community.   A woman would otherwise have very low status.

* The family of a terrorist who dies in action is paid a very large amount of money by the governments of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.   Whether this money is called compensation or bounty is irrelevant; it will set up the family in an economy that has been crippled by Yasser Arafat's  "Intifada".   Saudi Arabia paid $500,000 to 102 families of terrorists who died in actions against Israel.   (documents found by the IDF)

* Palestinians (Muslim) have very large families compared to people in the West and many are happy to sacrifice some of their children to their cause.    

* If young men and women believes the future to be bleak, is this not because the continual propaganda has convinced them this is so?   Taking the "Instant Paradise" option is not nearly such a matter of "Desperation" as it would be for a young person in secular Western countries.   It would appear quite logical if you could get into their mindset.

* Remember -  -  Suicide is a solitary act - these acts are homicide.

A note left by Mahmoud Ahmed Marmash, aged 21, who blew himself up in Netanya on May 18th 2001,  killing five Israelis and injuring 110 more.

Suicide bomber Mahmoud Ahmed Marmash, aged 21

"Whoever believes that God's religion will be victorious without jihad, without blood, without body parts is under an illusion and doesn't know the nature of this religion."

Why is there such motivation among young Palestinians?  

They are indoctrinated with it from infancy.

This snap was found in the home of a wanted terrorist in Hebron  (June 27 2002)

These young Palestinians are learning how to kill Jews in one of the P.A. summer camps.

Palestinian textbooks show the map of the Middle East with Palestine occupying all of Israel and the West Bank: 

Israel does not exist. Replacement Geography

History is similarly distorted - Replacement History

As is Christian theology - Replacement Theology

In School

In a 6th grade Palestinian textbook, "Our beautiful language" we find the "Shahid’s song" encouraging death in war in the role of a shahid:

"I will take my soul into my hands and hurl it into the abyss of death".

This is only one example of the brainwashing that Palestinian children undergo.

Brainwashing is imprinted deep in their educational system and demands a far-reaching solution - uprooting the foundations of incitement and hate.

Hate propaganda is also produced in comic book format, like this version of the conflict between Mohammed and the Jews of Medina.

Subliminal messages

Subliminal messages have been outlawed in the west for half a century. 

Yet the Palestinian Authority uses subliminal messages to teach hatred and promote murder of Jews.  This picture flashes on the screen for 1/4 second in a PA music video that was broadcast repeatedly from December 2000 through 2002.


The official Palestinian daily Al Hayat Al Jadida [February 27, 2003] published, in the literature section, a poem written as an imaginary letter from a suicide bomber to his mother, glorifies and idealizes every action of his murder and suicidal death.
The Palestinian Authority [PA] has been promoting, Shahada - Death for Allah - in general and suicide bombing in particular to its population and especially to its children during the recent years of conflict. This poem is another example, that this promotion continues, even after the recent well publicized call for a cease fire by the PA.
The "son" defining of his death killing Jews as a "wedding" ceremony and the call to his mother to be "joyous" over his death have been regular expressions of the Palestinian war culture over the past two and a half years, having been published and broadcast hundreds of times in numerous contexts.

The following is the text of the imaginary "letter" of the suicide bomber:

"A letter from a Shahid to his Mother"
By Abdul Badi Iraq

"My Dear Mother,
...I wrapped my body with determination, with hopes and with bombs.
I asked [reaching] towards Allah and the fighting homeland.
The [explosive] belt makes me fly, strengthens me to make haste.
I calm it [the explosive], we should stay steadfast, we have not yet reached.
I freed/launched myself; I freed/launched myself, [detonated myself] like lava burning old legends and vanity,
I freed/launched my body, all my pains and oppression, towards the packs of beasts...
I freed/launched, oh mother, freed the chains and the shackles.

And you found me rising and rising like a candle that was lit with precious olive oil.
And you saw me sending a loving kiss above the mosques and the churches, the houses and the roads.
Flocks of pigeons flew above the porches
And Al-Aksa smiled and gave me a sign that we will not sleep.

Dawn is close, oh mother, and it shall rise from the guns, from the shining spears
It will be lit from a bloody wound...
The wedding is the wedding of the land.
Sound a cry of joy, oh mother, I am the groom..."    


The Life and Death of Farfur

Farfur and his young friend prsesent a childrens TV show.

Many hoped pressure would persuade the Palestinians to take Farfur off the screen. Having him become a martyr was not what the desired result!

Farfur has now been replaced by a bee, who claims to be a cousin of Farfur and vows to continue the struggle.

Children's TV Talk Shows

Other children's TV shows feature interviews with girls of around twelve years of age.

These girls talk of the beauty of Shahada (Martyrdom whilst fighting the Jews for Allah) and tell how they aspire to become a shahid.

Palestinian Media Watch

Feb. 15, 2009

After having three puppet hosts, the Mickey Mouse look-alike, the bee and the rabbit, all die on TV, Hamas children's television has introduced a fourth puppet host. The new one, a bear named Nassur, appeared Friday on Hamas TV promising to be a Jihad fighter, and declaring war on the Zionists.

The Hamas TV children's program Tomorrow's Pioneers produced a special broadcast in which the two young children of a female suicide terrorist were invited to the TV studio to watch a video re-enactment of their mother's suicide bombing. The terrorist, Reem Riyashi, killed four Israelis in a suicide bombing in 2004.

"[Our guests are] the children
of the Shahida [Martyr] Reem Riyashi." 
Then Muhammad and Duha, the young son and daughter of Riyashi, together with the children in the studio, watch a music video re-enactment of their mother's suicide bombing. While the video is shown, the TV camera shows close-ups of Riyashi's children as they stare at the screen images of their mother's bombing and death

Lebanese edition of Hitler's Mein Kampf 1975Lebanese edition of Hitler's Mein Kampf  -  1995It should also be noted that an Arabic translation of Adolf Hitler's "Mien Kampf" is selling extremely well in Arab lands, including the P.A. territory. 

   (See also Holocaust and bear in mind the World War II links between the Nazis and Yasser Arafat's family.)

These editions were published in Lebanon in 1975 (left) and 1995 (right)





The medieval "Blood Libel" is still alive and well.     see Blood Libel          Quotes

Evidence of NAZI influence and tactics


Intimidation of the population in general and children in particular

Do not forget the value of butchering suspected collaborators to in order to deter neighbours from seeking peaceful relations with Israel.

The body of suspected collaborator, Moussa Arjoub in Hebron, 23 April 2002.

The fate of an alleged collaborator in Gaza - November 2012

It is calculated that Palestinians are directly responsible for one in eight of the Palestinian deaths.


Women and Children as Suicide Bombers

by Daniel Pipes - The Smarter Bomb, Women and Children as Suicide Bombers - October 2012


Indoctrination of Children in the west

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