"So for them, pride is a necklace; and violence clothes them like a robe." Psalm 73:6

Palestinian Incitement to Terror

Requirements of the Oslo Accords, on which subsequent peace processes depend, included ending Incitement to Violence Against Israel. The Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership is obligated to refrain from incitement to violence, as part of their commitment to foster mutual understanding and to combat terrorism.

See also Palestinian Indoctrination and Intifada 2014, in which Incitement has been rampant, and Palestinian Propaganda for the lies and distortions fed to the Palestinian people from childhood.


Financial incentives

By Edwin Black February 6, 2015,

Congressional legislators were astonished last year to learn that the Palestinian Authority was issuing monthly payouts totaling $3-7 million as salaries and other financial rewards to specific terrorists and their families. The money was channeled, in part, through the Ministry of Prisoners pursuant to the Law of the Prisoner. The law set forth a graduated scale, pegging monthly salaries to the length of Israeli jail sentences, which generally reflects the severity of the crime and the number of people killed and/or injured.

Thousands of documents, newly obtained by this reporter through a lawsuit to unseal court-protected files, demonstrate that these payouts are not blind automated payments. Rather, senior Palestinian Authority officials as high as President Mahmoud Abbas scrutinize the details of each case, the specific carnage caused, and the personal details of each terrorist act before approving salaries and awarding honorary ranks in either the PA government or the military.

Ministry of Prisoners spokesman Amr Nasser has explained, "We are very proud of this program and we have nothing to hide. "Nonetheless, in response to the international furor over the payments, the Palestinian Authority announced last year it would replace the Ministry of Prisoners with an outside PLO commission known as the Higher National Commission for Prisoners and Detainees Affairs.

The PA is dependent upon foreign donor countries to supply much of its budget, which now exceeds $4.2 billion annually

About ten percent of the PA budget, more than $400 million, is contributed annually by United States foreign aid. The US and many other countries have enacted laws forbidding any payments when the monies directly or indirectly support or encourage terrorism.

Glorification of Terrorist Acts


The attempted murder of Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

Hit in the chest with three bullets, but miraculously survived.

Bi-weekly paper The Capital City, which is distributed with the official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, featured this cartoon portraying Rabbi Yehuda Glick as a snake. Terrorist Mutaz Hijazi, who attempted to murder Rabbi Glick on Oct. 29, 2014, is seen trying to strangle Rabbi Glick while saying: "You make me mad!"




Palestinian media rejoiced Wednesday over the gruesome Tel Aviv stabbing attack with a series of celebratory cartoons.

The first cartoon, drawn by cartoonist Bahaa Yaseen, was posted within the first 90 minutes following the attack.

It shows a smiling terrorist holding a bloody knife and praising the attack, which at the time was reported to have wounded 10 people.



Official Palestinian Authority (PA) social media sites and press are awash with photos and images encouraging drivers to use their cars as terror weapons against Israelis, similar to ramming attacks carried out in Jerusalem









Status Incentives

The status of the dead terrorist and his/her family

PA honors suicide bombers who murdered civilians and Terrorist Martyrs call to Palestinians:"Follow in our path"

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

As a gesture of goodwill to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Israel transferred to the Palestinian Authority 91 bodies of terrorists who were killed during their terror attacks, and had been buried in Israel in a cemetery for terrorists. The PA gave the terrorists a military funeral for heroes, with the participation of Mahmoud Abbas and other PA dignitaries.

All the returned terrorists, including many suicide bombers who murdered civilians, were presented as heroic and categorized as Shahids (Martyrs). (See names of suicide terrorists and their attacks below).

The term Shahid is used for anyone who dies for Allah and is the highest status that can be achieved in Islam. The act of seeking and/or achieving death as a Shahid is considered so praiseworthy that the Shahid is rewarded with a place in Paradise beside the prophets of Islam.

At the recent funeral ceremony, PA leaders referred to the dead terrorists, including suicide bombers, as Shahids, as is PA routine when referring to terrorists who have died during their terror attacks against Israel.

Categorizing suicide bombers and other terrorists who have murdered Israeli civilians as Shahids indicates that the PA views the killing of Israeli civilians as a positive Islamic act.

A recurring theme at the official PA ceremony was that these terrorists - Shahids - are calling on other Palestinians to follow in their path:

Secretary General of Mahmoud Abbas' office, Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim:

"Oh brothers [Martyrs], your souls now hover above us and say to us: 'Follow in our path.'"

Dying as a Martyr for Allah - becoming a Shahid - continues to be presented as a positive achievement in Palestinian society. As documented by Palestinian Media Watch, for years the Palestinian Authority has promoted Martyrdom as an ultimate value and goal both to adults and children. Still today, aspiring to become a "Martyr" is considered an honor and praised by society. Often the death and funeral of a "Martyr" is referred to as a wedding and he himself is considered a "groom" who marries the virgins of Paradise.

When a Palestinian was killed by Israel while placing a landmine by the security fence in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, a female relative explained:

"Today he is a groom. I've sounded a joyous cry. He is a groom. He wanted to become a Martyr for a long time. When I told him: 'Find a job,' he said: 'I want to be a Martyr.'"
Emphasizing the idea of the "Martyr" becoming a groom, a woman earlier this year exclaimed on PA TV:
"By Allah, we welcome every Martyr as if he were a groom among us"
Parents who themselves have lost children, encourage others to also "sacrifice" their children. A mother of a "Martyr" said about her dead son: "Praise to Allah, he sought Martyrdom, and he achieved it. My message to every mother is to sacrifice her child for Palestine."

The PA Minister for Prisoners' Affairs also decided to honor a woman because she is the mother of four sons who together are serving 18 life sentences in Israeli prisons for murdering 18 people.

PMW has documented the policy of the PA to honor terrorists by naming permanent structures and events after them in the report From Terrorists to Role Models.


Video Incitement abounds and is monitored by Palestinian Media Watch


Posted 08/02/15

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