Don't stay quiet, God, or still; because here are your enemies, causing an uproar; those who hate you are raising their heads, craftily conspiring against your people, consulting together against those you treasure. Psalm 83:1-3

Latest issue in Britain summer 2016 - Labour Party anti Semitism - still ongoing - 2020


Anti-Semitism in the Victory Day march - Moscow 2002

Lets skip the euphemisms

Jew Hatred

Man's attempts to destroy the Jews stem from his hatred of God and the demands God makes on our lives.  The Jews (God's chosen nation of priests) are a constant and unwelcome reminder of God's standards and His purposes for mankind.  The roots of Anti-Semitism are spiritual.

And yet...

"The continued existence of Jewish people, despite over two millennia of man's attempted destruction is the only concrete evidence that God has any veracity";  Karl Barth - theologian. 


Anti-Semitism is an inaccurate and imprecise term. Both the Jews and the Arabs are Semitic people. What is generally termed Anti-Semitism is Anti-Jew and Anti-Israel hatred and violence, and Arabs and their supporters are some of the main exponents.

Statistics for Anti-Semitism worldwide - from ADL survey

Statistics for Anti-Semitism worldwide - from ADL survey

Blame the Jews

Blaming the Jews was a trademark of Hitler's rise to power. By convincing the German people that the Jews were to blame for the nation's difficulties he made it acceptable to seek to eliminate the Jews. One of the worrying but under-reported aspects of the global financial problems of Summer 2008 is the number of fingers pointing at Jews as the cause, in troubling echoes of Hitler's Germany. Much of the comment above concerns actual violence, but violence is always preceded by blame and vilification, leading to justification for violence.

Anti-Semitic belief precedes Anti-Semitic action.

It happened in the Holocaust and there are aspects the "occupy" protests today that echo the events of pre-WWII Nazi Germany.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement certainly shows very strong parallels to Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

See also Blood Libel and Who Killed Jesus (the deicide charge)


Is anti-Semitism a problem of hatred alone or does it lead to worse evils?

Anti-Semitism is not an aberration of feelings alone, it engenders a hatred that seeks to manifest itself in actions. It is more dangerous than discrimination.

There is a narrow area between Anti-Semitism and Holocaust and it could be called the Genocide Mechanism.

But can you say too much about Anti-Semitism?

Will it be counter-productive?

Anti-Semitism today

Visit The Coordination Forum For Countering Antisemitism -for an up to date survey of events.



Early 2009

Declaration to fight anti-Semitism signed in London - but....
A declaration was signed in London on Tuesday by 125 parliamentarians from 40 countries pledging to challenge anti-Semitism on behalf of all participating nations. The London Declaration states that the international community must "not be witness or [be] party to another gathering like Durban in 2001," in reference to the infamous UN "anti-racism" conference in which the focus on Israel, to the exclusion of all other issues, was widely perceived as anti-Semitic.

The final day of the London Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism also noted the dramatic increase in anti-Semitism being disseminated in the media and attacks targeting Jewish persons and property. "There is a new sophisticated, globalizing, virulent and even lethal anti-Semitism, reminiscent of the atmospherics of the '30s and without parallel or precedent since the end of the Second World War," said former Canadian attorney-general and founding co-chair of the conference Irwin Cotler.

Connections to Gaza Conflict 2009

The number of anti-Semitic attacks around the world during Israel's three-week offensive against Hamas in Gaza (Jan 2009) soared more than 300 percent compared to the same period the previous year, according to figures released by the Israeli Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism. Over 250 anti-Semitic incidents were reported during the 22 days of Operation Cast Lead, compared to 80 during the same period last year, according to the forum's annual report. The majority of the incidents were carried out by local Muslims in Western Europe, with France and Britain responsible for 100 each.

In Britain, an Islamic extremist Web site is believed to be drawing up a list of prominent British Jews to target over Israel's offensive against Hamas in Gaza, The Sun reported on Wednesday.
Melanie Phillips describes a demonstration at which Hamas supporters showed up dressed as "hook-nosed Jews pretending to drink the blood of Palestinian babies."

A gang of pro-Palestinian demonstrators rampaged through the heart of the Jewish community of Golders Green, North-West London, attacking businesses and assaulting a motorist.

Other factors

According to a Tel Aviv university study, Anti-Semitic violence had risen by dozens of percent, and the highest number of such incidents was recorded in France, Britain, Canada and Russia, mainly due to immigrant absorption problems, financial or social difficulties, and prejudice.

Anti-Semitic attacks rose in 2004 mainly in France, Britain and Canada, which are home to large Muslim populations.

Physical attacks on Jews occurred mainly on streets and in educational institutions. About 180 people, including children and teenagers, reported such assaults, saying they were mainly attacked by Muslims.

Anti-Semitic desecration and vandalism also rose, mainly of statues and monuments, cemeteries and private property. The assailants, reported to be mainly extreme rightists, had allegedly struck about 40 schools, 140 statues and cemeteries, 60 synagogues and 60 businesses around the world.

Last year, USA , a State Department report to Congress on "Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism" noted that "Over the last decade, U.S. embassies and consulates have reported an upsurge in anti-Semitism." That would be the decade in which Israel pulled out of Lebanon (2000), accepted the "roadmap" that sought to establish a democratic Palestinian state (2003) and withdrew from Gaza (2005).

A report leaked in 2003 from the former Vienna-based European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, an independent body of the European Union, observed an outbreak of anti-Semitic acts in Europe following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S.

The study also described some of the anti-Jewish acts to young people who reportedly had no "specific anti-Semitic prejudices," but joined the Jew-baiting "just for fun."


Christian Anti-Semitism

Alarming trends within the Church that are making it a major player in anti-Semitism.

See Whither the church, Christians Against Israel, Christian Palestinianism


Aliyah - on account of Anti-Semitism?

A record number of new Jewish immigrants to Israel are arriving from the West. From France more immigrants arrived in 2005 than over the past 34 years and from North America, a record number was set for over 22 years. For the first time since the Palestinian Intifada and subsequent terror attacks, the downward trend has turned and more Jewish immigrants continue to make Aliyah.

Major Rabbis Unite in Decisive Call For All Jews To Return From Exile: "It"s Time"

From an article by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz November 6, 2019

Some of the most prominent rabbis of this generation came together in a declaration saying that there are no longer any valid excuses: Jews must act on the Torah commandment to move to Israel. This was timed to coincide with the week in which Jews around the world read the section of the Torah in which God tells Abraham to leave his father"s land. Genesis 12:1

The project, named "Bring Them Home", will offer a series of five minute video lectures given by prominent Haredi rabbis explaining why the Biblical imperative to move to Israel is in a new, more imperative stage. Several other rabbis will be contributing.

The English-language videos will be posted on the YouTube channel "Bring them Home-Aliyah Now" and their Facebook page.

"The message is very simple; Make aliyah now, it"s time to come home."

It has always been a mitzvah to move to Israel but it is clear that we are quickly approaching a watershed point in Jewish history, including the sharp rise in anti-Semitism, when everything concerning the Jewish people will change. The majority of the Jews are in Israel and the redemption is awaiting the return of the last of the exiles."

Unfortunately, there is a precedent for Jews being reluctant to answer the call to return from exile. According to Jewish tradition, only twenty percent of the Jews left Egypt and even fewer returned from the Babylonian Exile.


Anti-Semitism round the Nations

Europe,  particularly France, is Anti Israel and Anti Jew.

Professor Moshe Sharon, speaking of Muslim historical revisionism, put his finger on one important aspect of present day European anti-Semitism....

This aspect is yet another success of Islam, which is a natural by-product of the infiltration of its version of modern history into European society and institutions. Muslim propaganda has succeeded in presenting the establishment of the State of Israel as a sin committed by the Europeans against the world of Islam. In other words, the State of Israel is nothing but an easy way by which post-war Europe has atoned for the crimes of the Nazis and their helpers at the expense of the poor Arabs.

See also Europe  and Israel Now  



Spain emerged as one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the European Union in 2010, and the Spanish government has done nothing about it, according to the authors of an annual report that tracks anti-Semitic violence on the Iberian Peninsula. The "dangerous" and "extraordinary" rise in anti-Semitism comes at a time when Spain is mired in the worst economic recession in its modern history, and the authors of the report conclude that Jews are increasingly becoming a scapegoat for the economic and social problems facing Spain.

The document titled "Report on Anti-Semitism in Spain in 2010" was jointly produced by the Observatory on Anti-Semitism in Spain, an arm of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain (FCJE), and a non-governmental organization called the Movement against Intolerance. The report was made public at a well attended press conference in Madrid on March 30.

The report, which says there were around 400 anti-Semitic incidents in Spain during 2010, records anti-Semitic attacks on persons and on property, anti-Semitism in the Spanish media and on the Internet, efforts to trivialize the Jewish Holocaust, dissemination of anti-Semitic literature, as well as anti-Semitism in public institutions.



At the time of the IDF operations in Gaza... . a burning car was rammed into a synagogue door in southwest France, as the interior minister convened Muslims, Jews and police in Paris to warn against civil unrest due to high tensions over the Gaza conflict. Damage to the synagogue was limited to a blackened door. The attack came after at least 21,000 people in Paris marched on Saturday in protest of the Israeli offensive into Gaza, shouting "We are all Palestinians" and "Israel assassin." Some 500 later turned violent burning Israeli flags, torching cars and vandalizing several store fronts.

In one week, up to 27th April 2002 the following events occurred -   (Just as a sample)

April 3 two Molotov cocktails thrown into a synagogue outside Paris

April 2 Or Aviv synagogue in Marseilles burnt to the ground

April 2 Jewish cemetery in Schiltgheim attacked by arsonists.

March 30-31 Synagogues in Strasbourg attacked after anti-Israel demonstration.

Fifteen masked men drove two cars into a synagogue in Lyon and set fire to one in the prayer hall.

Gunmen fired on a kosher butcher and his shop in Toulouse.

A Jewish couple in their twenties were beaten up by five men in Villeurbanne.

A Jewish school was vandalized in Sarcelles.


Between September 9th 2000 (Start of latest Palestinian Intifada) and 20th November 2001 there were 330 acts of anti-Semitism in and around Paris in addition to scores of firebombings of synagogues.  Just before Rosh Hashannah, 200 Arabs attacked Jews on the Champs Elysees.

The French have a long tradition of anti-Semitism, but this alone is not sufficient to explain these attacks. The incidents are largely Arab/Muslim in origin.   The official response has been ineffectual, probably due to the 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 Muslims living in France with more arriving daily.   Also, France is the number one European exporter to Iraq.   There are now only around 60,000 Jews still living in France. 

In February 2006, the figures for 2005 were released, showing assaults  47% below 2004 figures.   But during that month, Ilan Halimi, 23 year old son of Moroccan Jews,  was lured into a trap in a Paris suburb by a pretty girl and imprisoned for thirty days. During that time he was tortured to death  by a Muslim gang and their friends and neighbours.  While calling his parents on the 'phone the kidnappers read verses from the Koran while  his screams could be heard in the background.   The authorities initially denied the crime was anything more than a kidnapping.  They were  forced to concede that it was a crime of Anti-Semitism when one of those responsible admitted that Ilan Halimi was tortured because he was a Jew.

Better News - 2007

The formerly pro-Arab nation appears to have dramatically shifted under new President Nicolas Sarkozy.  Sarkozy stated that "Israel's security is a clear red line, which is not up for negotiation…. " According to Ehud Olmert, the French leader stated that the Palestinians cannot both demand their own state as well as the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel. Sarkozy also said that, "Israel introduces diversity and democracy to the Middle East. It's a miracle that out of the remnants of the ... scattered Jewish people, such a state has arisen," reports Ha'aretz .

France was Israel's largest military supplier up until the 1967 war, when then-French president Charles de Gaulle adopted a decidedly pro-Arab stance. This basic French policy continued for 40 years through the presidency of Jacques Chirac, but is now being reversed under Sarkozy.

It remains to be seen whether the improvement in foreign policy is carried into overcoming the Anti-Semitism that has been so bad in France.

2012 The information agency, Kopp Exklusiv, reported. - A day doesn't go by without Muslim attacks of Jews. The press hardly reports it. There are too many incidents. In the first five months of 2012, there were 268 attacks against Jews. France today is an extremely anti-Semitic country. The socialist Government under the leadership of Hollande does nothing to protect the Jews - on the contrary. The numerous Muslims are a very important part of the electorate for the elected officials and they are under the auspices of the socialists.


Irish Republic

2019 Lawmakers in the Republic of Ireland voted in favor of a bill that would implement a draconian ban on goods produced by Israeli communities in the West Bank.

Despite the opposition of the Irish government, which insists that the legislation would violate the European Union"s single market regulations, the bill passed by 75 votes to 45 votes, with three abstentions, in the Dáil, Ireland"s parliament.

The Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill would impose jail for up to five years and heavy fines on Irish citizens who import or sell products from the West Bank. Citizens visiting Jerusalem,Judea and Samaria would also fall foul of this legislation. Crucially, it would require foreign companies with divisions or subsidiaries in Ireland to adhere to the boycott as well. The bill passed through Ireland"s Senate in July 2018, and now has to win approval in committee before it becomes law.

statues in various Irish towns honour Nazi collaborators.

Sinn Fein / IRA, being hard leftists, like to call their opponents "fascists". But SF/ IRA are not in a position to criticise others.
The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2 (the real ones, not just rhetorical ones). They ran safe houses for Nazi spies, aided Nazi intelligence, and even helped Nazi bombers. They planned to bring about a Nazi German invasion of Ireland, and would no doubt have been installed as a quisling government had Germany occupied Ireland.

A document from the Nazi's Wannasee conference (see Holocaust) lists Ireland's 4000 Jews for inclusion in Hitler's Final Solution. The IRA would, presumably, have been willing participants in this slaughter.


Northern Ireland - part of UK

REUTERS - In Northern Ireland, the flags of Israel and the Palestinians are potent symbols of conflict - but here they divide Catholics and Protestants rather than Jews and Muslims.
In the complex web of alliances that underpins the British province's flag-obsessed politics, the Star of David has been adopted by pro-British Loyalists, mainly Protestants, many of whom sympathise with Israel.
Flying the green, black, red and white flag of the Palestinian territories, meanwhile, is a sign of support for Catholic Irish Republicans and their aspiration for a united Ireland against what they see as British occupation.

Great Britain

The UK"s Jewish community experienced another surge in anti-Semitic attacks in 2017 and the trend continued in 2018

The United Kingdom experienced a record-high number of anti-Semitic incidents in 2017, this according to a new report published by the UK"s Community Security Trust"s (CST)

The report recorded 1,382 anti-Semitic incidents nationwide in 2017, the highest total CST has ever recorded for a year, and a 3 percent increase from the 1,346 incidents recorded during 2016, which was itself a record annual total.

The incidents were generated by a combination of factors, including an increase in all forms of recorded hate crime and publicity regarding alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, the CST said.

The record total in 2017 saw over 100 anti-Semitic incidents recorded every month from January to October.

CST recorded a 34 percent increase in the number of violent anti-Semitic assaults, from 108 in 2016 to 145 in 2017.

Three-quarters of the 1,382 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in Greater London and Greater Manchester, the two largest Jewish communities in the UK.

Hot issue Summer 2016 - Labour Party anti-Semitism enquiry

Britain's Community Security Trust says anti-Semitism in the UK was at an all-time high in 2009 with 924 recorded incidents, including a large spike during Operation Cast Lead. CST spokesman Mark Gardner said anti-Semitism is an increasingly significant problem for British Jews and called upon all "decent people" to speak out against it. - The 2009 figure is 54% more than the 598 recorded in 2006 - previously the worst year on record. (Hizbollah war)

This figure is doubtless due to the one sided, anti-Israel media coverage of the Operation in Gaza, the incitement on the streets and the Goldstone Report.

Finsbury Park Synagogue (London) after the attackManifestations of anti-Semitism in Britain


In 2001 there were 301 Anti-Semitic incidents in Britain

Attacks peaked in September and October (Coincident with Islamic/Palestinian Terrorist activity)

Synagogues were attacked in London's Finsbury Park (April 2002) and Swansea , Belfast , Glasgow  and Dundee (all in July 2001)

Five Jewish cemeteries were desecrated in the first half of 2002




All the glass broken - like Krystallnacht!The Community Security Trust has published its 2003 figures for  Anti-Semitism incidents.


The number of incidents was 375,  a 7% increase on 2002 and the second highest on record.  

The highest number of incidents, 405, was recorded in 2000   (coinciding with the start of the Palestinian "Intifada")  

The 2003 figures tie in with the Iraq war and events in "the Middle East", peaking at 51 incidents in October, the month of the Haifa bus bombing.

(Pictures used with permission)


Blame tends to be directed towards the Neo-Nazi parties, which have enjoyed increasing support recently. In the attacks on Synagogues, swastikas have been daubed adjacent to the Star of David and  "T4 Jewish ****s from Hitler" appeared among the vicious graffiti.   "T4" appears to refer to Teirgartenstrasser Fier in Berlin, the location of the Nazi’s Euthanasia programme which was responsible for the deaths of thousands of disabled people at the same time as the extermination of Jews. This reference to a little known fact of Nazi history has been assumed to indicate Nazi Sympathizers on the far right.   The National Assembly Against Racism blamed the attacks on the rise in support for extreme right groups in Britain and Europe. This is a relatively comforting conclusion since the BNP support is still relatively small.

It should be remembered, however, that the BNP support is, at present, mainly from people concerned about problems associated with asylum seekers, not victimization of Jews.  Anti Israel and Anti Jewish activity is actually coming from the political left and the so called "chattering classes." ( See Daniel Pipes analysis - extracts on Ancient Hatred page )

"Many recent attacks on Jewish people and buildings are believed to be directly related to the spiralling violence in the Middle East" (The Independent July 13 2002)

The swastika inside the Star of David is a recurring motif in left wing demonstrations against Israel.   Thus the appearance of the swastika appears to have more to do with the campaign to liken Israel to the Nazis over the Palestinian casualties of the "Intifada" conflict than to Nazi sympathy.  This could also be the meaning of the "T4" graffiti.    

Much of the Anti-Israel/ Anti-Semitic campaigning is coming from the left and is attracting middle class socialist professionals who have been convinced that Israel and the Jews are Right wing imperialists, intent on displacing or exterminating the Palestinian minority from their land.   These campaigns have included accusations of apartheid and genocide, along with campaigns to boycott Israeli produce (in spite of the harm this does to the already shattered economy of the Palestinian areas.

These views of the situation are fuelled by the left of centre newspapers and the BBC, which leans noticeably towards the left.   These are the worst culprits of media bias ( see Media Bias)    The Internet sites of the far right clearly indicate their violently Anti-Semitic beliefs, but the far right has a less pervasive voice at present.  (see "On the Internet",  below)

Was the Dispatches programme "Inside Britain's Israel Lobby", broadcast on Channel 4, Anti-Semitism? See what you think.

The support for the Palestinian cause in educational establishments is, perhaps,  a reasonable response to the information which is provided - unfortunately these sincere people are being lied to.   For some reason, these people choose to believe Palestinians like Arafat but disbelieve the Jews.   

It should also be remembered that the Palestinians are not just naďve peasants living in refugee camps, but include many well educated intellectuals in communities around the world. (including London)    Sales of Mein Kempf in Arabic are doing well, so there is no reason to assume that the history of T4 is known only to Neo-Nazi fanatics.

It may not be coincidental that the first synagogue attack in Britain occurred so close to the Finsbury Park Mosque which has been home to the most fanatical Muslim clerics in Britain (see Islam)

It is also a chilling indication of what is happening  that the two men responsible for suicide bombings (one unsuccessful) at "Mike's Place" in Tel Aviv in May 2003 were British citizens.   The two were said to be nice, respectable Muslims, of Pakistani origin, from London and Derby.   Their explosives were smuggled into Israel hidden inside a copy of their holy book; the Qur'an.    Israel's Foreign Minister said, "Britain must act to stop the incitement of Islamic extremists."


Austria is in denial about its anti-Semitic past and Nazi war criminals sheltered within its society. Read "Battling with NAZI Demons" by Werner Oder.


There is a drive in Europe to ban shechita, the ritual slaughter of animals necessary according to Jewish law in order for them to be kosher for human consumption, as well as pressure on other religious practices such as ritual circumcision. A Dutch bill outlawing shechita recently passed in the lower house of parliament, and now must be approved by the upper house before becoming law.

In the Netherlands there are now no more than 20,000 Jews who are affiliated and identify themselves as Jewish. There are a few thousand more who have Jewish roots, but would never identify themselves as they still suffer from the fearful stigma propagated by the Nazi occupation and now from the Muslim communities who are often violently Anti-Semitic and hostile.


Police warned Jews not to identify themselves by wearing yarmulkes or Star of David symbols as it  would not be possible to protect the Jews, who were targeted for destruction on the streets of Germany by Muslims who were "out gunning for them".


Beppe Grillo, the comedian turned politician, has just (Feb 2013) become the leader of Italy's largest party, the "Five Star Movement," in an upset victory, with one-fourth of the popular votes. He is the idol of Italy's youth, the anti-corruption crusader and the guru of the Internet.

But Beppe Grillo is also a demagogue with a virulent hatred for Israel and the United States. And his popularity, despite his despicable remarks, shows that the word "Jew" has become an accepted insult once again in Europe's public square.


A synagogue and a Jewish-owned shop in the southern Swiss city of Lugano were gutted by fire in March 2005 after a petrol-bomb attack.. The Synagogue  was the last one in town and  the store was also the last Jewish-owned out of 10 that used to be there.  The Jewish community has been around in Lugano for 90 years, and this was the first such incident in Switzerland.  There was no anti-Semitism in Lugano, and that"s why the incident surprised them. "I think it"s a political act by radical left-wing activists who tie us to politics and make the connection between Jews and Israel."  said a Jewish leader.          (from Y-Net)

A secret 1970 agreement between the Swiss and the PLO has been revealed. "Neutral" Switzerland agreed to support the Palestinians diplomatically in exchange for exemption from terror attacks. The move was taken after Palestinian groups carried out three serious attacks on Swiss air travel within about a year and a half.


2019 Carnival float in Belguim, about Jews and their money bags

2019 Carnival float in Belguim, about Jews and their money bags

Other instances of official anti-Semitism, of which there have been a number, include an event that occurred in Antwerp.  A respected government-funded Catholic school hosted a "Palestine Day," replete with anti-Semitic references and activities for youngsters.  One stall at the event was entitled "Throw the soldiers into the sea," and children were invited to throw replicas of Israeli soldiers into two large tanks of water. 

Denmark and Norway

The Islamic leaderships in both countries have called on Moslem believers to "kill Jews whenever and wherever they can find them".

In a few weeks (according to Aftenposten in February 2012 ) Norway will be "Judenrein". The last 819 Jews still living in Norway are now leaving the country due to the rise of anti-Semitism. The 819 Norwegian Jews were members of a Synagogue in Norway. There are more than 1000 non-affiliated Jews throughout the country who are afraid to identify themselves as Jews and have assimilated through fear into Norwegian society and do not identify themselves as being different to the indigenous population.


There are reports that Police in Malmo have declared Islamic elements in the city to be out of control.

An event organized for Jewish children in Malmo was attacked by a gang of thugs who shouted "Heil Hitler" and "Jewish pigs." The gang entered the site of the event and damaged property.

2012 - The Simon Wiesenthal Center is extending its Travel Advisory for the Swedish city of Malmö after police spokesman Anders Lindell told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that there is "no indication" that an attack on the local Jewish community center during the High Holy Days was a hate crime. "Malmö authorities once again reveal themselves as wilfully clueless when it comes to protecting the Jewish community," charged Rabbi Abraham Coope.  "They are more concerned about minimizing hate crime statistics than reassuring a community whose main facility was attacked the night after Yom Kippur,"


Finland's Jewish community members have been advised not to wear a skullcap in public for fear of anti-Semitic attacks, according to the security officer of the Jewish community in Helsinki. He added that the community faced six to 10 anti-Semitic incidents a month.

"The situation for Jews in Finland is vastly better than in other Nordic countries and has historically been very good.



Anti-Semitism in the Victory Day march - Moscow 2002

The pictures were taken at the Victory Day march  in Moscow city centre in 2002. 


Israel hatred in Moscow - Victory Day 2002Note the cross carrying orthodox Christians associating with Anti Israel thought

 In Veronish they were placing up signs saying "kill the Jews" with explosive charges behind them.  One lady was blinded taking down a sign. 

In Rysan they are handing out leaflets in the main square saying "kill the Jews before the end of the year."

Photos and report by Richard Amos

The background to Russian attitudes includes the Pogroms and the Pale of Settlement


Czech Republic

Court: Neo-Nazis can march in Prague's Jewish Quarter

TK / Published 23 October 2007

Prague, Oct 22 (CTK) - Czech neo-Nazis from the National Resistance can rejoice as the court has agreed for the second time with their request to march through Prague at the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Czech daily Lidove Noviny (LN) writes today.

The city court has overturned for the second time the ban on the march issued by the Prague Town Hall, LN writes. The neo-Nazis have announced the date of their rally for November 10, the anniversary of the 1938 pogrom in Germany. The Prague City Hall had banned the march designed to mark the anniversary of the Nazi Jewish pogrom pointing out that the goals of the event declared by its organisers were aimed at inciting intolerance and hatred against citizens on the basis of their ethnicity, origin and religious conviction.


Lithuania - and other Baltic states

The government is actively obfuscating the Holocaust and the participation of national heroes and focusing attention on the suffering under Communism. At the same time, they are seeking to prosecute Jewish anti-Nazi partisans for ostensible "war crimes" against "civilian" Lithuanians who were, in fact Nazi collaborators. In wake of these steps taken by the Lithuanian government, there has been a dangerous increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents, vandalization of Jewish institutions, attacks on Jewish public figures in the local mass media, and neo-Nazi marches

"There is no government that is doing more to systematically promote Holocaust distortion and the canard of equivalency between Communist and Nazi crimes than Lithuania. The problem also exists today in the other Baltic countries and is endemic in post-Communist Europe." 
                         – Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Simon Wiesenthal Center Chief Nazi Hunter


In Summer 2003, the Romanian government claimed that,  "there was no Holocaust" in Romania, even though 250,000 Jews died there, many at the hands of Romanians.

A survey suggests strong popular support for ‘Jew-free" Romania

Over half of respondents view Nazi-era leader, who supported murder of Romanian Jews, as a "patriot." Nearly a quarter of Romanian respondents on a survey on Jews said their country should have no Jewish residents.

The results of the survey among 1,000 Romanian adults were published by the Elie Wiesel National Institute for Holocaust Studies in Romania, which commissioned the Center for Opinion and Market Studies to conduct the poll in June.


Political unrest followed the government's decision to turn its back on closer diplomatic ties with the EU in favour of ones with Russia caused protests in Kiev intensified in which 77 people are known to have been killed, with at least 577 injured. What was not so well reported was that mobs were shamelessly chanting anti-Semitic slogans and that there have already been attacks on Jews. 49:22TRUST received reports from Jewish communities that in Bila Tserkva, people are blaming Jews and anyone with Russian connections for the upheaval.

Because of this, the Jewish Agency is sending emergency aid to the Jewish community. And Ukraine"s chief rabbi is urging Jews to get out of Kiev.

"I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state . . . there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions," Asman said, adding, "We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside."

Newsletters from the 49:22 Trust, about their Aliyah work with Jews, show clearly that Jews in Ukraine have long suffered severe anti-Semitism from their neighbours and it appears that Ukraine (and the church in Ukraine) has never confronted its history of anti-Semitism. (I would love to be proved wrong)


The leader of Vienna's Jewish community says anti-Semitism in Hungary is causing an influx of Jewish immigrants to Austria. The circumstances forcing Jews to leave Hungary are deeply troubling. Austria's Jewish community numbers approximately 8,000 people and is being joined in recent years by some 150 families annually fleeing from Hungary. - YNet News

Better news January 2014

The Hungarian ambassador to the UN said in New York on Thursday his nation took responsibility for its role in the Holocaust, days after the country"s Jewish community accused the government of engaging in Holocaust revisionism. He spoke at a event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Hungarian Jews, sponsored by the UN Department of Public Information for NGOs. Ambassador Casba Körösi, who became unusually emotional for a diplomat during his remarks, conveyed the sincere apologies of the Hungarian state for the crimes committed, and admitted the state"s guilt in both its complicity in standing by and its assistance to the criminals.

"Institutions in the then-Hungarian state were responsible for the Holocaust," Körösi said. "This apology must be made part of the national memory and identity of the Hungarian state."



2007, FBI figures showed that among 1,477 religiously motivated hate crimes reported by U.S. law enforcement authorities, 9% were anti-Islamic, 9.5% were "anti-other religion," 4.4% were anti-Catholic and, by far outstripping any other category, "68.4% were anti-Jewish."

The "Palestinian Baby Meat" poster originated in San Francisco University.   see Blood Libel    

Islam is gaining ground in USA, especially among black and prison communities.    There are still more Jews in USA than there are in Israel.  (See the foot of this page) monitors the way American universities and colleges handle the "Middle East conflict".


Members of the synagogue in Edmonton learned that members of the Islamic community were under orders to kill the Jews and certain Christians in Edmonton on receipt of orders from the Middle East.  Shortly afterwards (June 2002) the synagogue was firebombed by a young Moslem militant from the local community.   He was given a 1 year jail sentence and the affair was quickly papered over.

However, (2011)

The govt of Canada took an historic step  by signing the Ottawa Protocol to Combat  Anti-Semitism. By doing so, it recognized anti-Semitism as "a pernicious evil & a global threat against the Jewish people, the State of Israel & free, democratic countries everywhere." As Prime Minister Stephen Harper has noted,  "Those who would hate & destroy the Jewish people would ultimately hate & destroy the rest of us as well." "The protocol is a declaration that hatred of this nature will not be tolerated in this country." It sets out an action plan for supporting initiatives that combat anti-Semitism.

It also sets out a vibrant definition of anti-Semitism which, for the first time in history, links anti-Semitism to the denial of the right Jewish people have to their ancestral home land -- the State of Israel.  Foreign Minister John Baird has expressed his government's unequivocal support for the State of Israel.

But the fight against hatred & anti-Semitism must be won in Canada as well. The Inquiry Panel concluded that the scourge of anti-Semitism is a growing threat in Canada, especially on the campuses of the  universities.

South Africa

Has been tolerant to its Jewish community but the new government is strongly anti-Israel, and Anti-Semitic incidents are increasing.    Jews making Aliyah need special help because of the weakness of the Rand.


Australian Judaism Executive Council reports a 50% rise


Arab / Islamic Nations

Libya - post "Arab Spring"

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC) that is the temporary power in Libya replacing the Gaddafi regime, announced: "We, as an Islamic state, determined that Islamic law is a major source for legislation, and on this basis any law which contradicts the principles of Islam and Islamic law will be considered null and void." The NTC has the support of the West and NATO countries, which helped it militarily to bring down the Gaddafi regime, hoping to establish a democratic regime in Libya.

In early October, Dr. David Gerbi, who was born in Libya and fled to Italy in 1967, arrived in Tripoli and asked to repair the synagogue. The NTC was quick to remove him, while demonstrations were held in Tripoli calling to prevent any Jewish presence in Libya or the establishment of synagogues. The NTC did not condemn this expression of anti-Semitism, nor was there any objection by any other political factions in Libya.


As mentioned in Israel in today's world the vitriolic language and recycling of the Blood Libel are regular features on the media.   Presumably Jews are not living in these nations.   (These Arab language newspapers are available in London for Arabic speakers)

In November 2002) Egyptian state TV produced a 42 part mini-series for distribution throughout the Arabic speaking world on "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion".    

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a fictitious document purporting to have been written by the Elders of Zion, laying out how Jews intended to take over the world.  It has long been discredited by all responsible scholars, but this is its  latest airing for the purposes of stirring up anti-Jew and anti-Israel feeling. 

The picture to the left is the cover of an early version published in Egypt.  It was first published in Egypt in 1951.



Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad  claimed, at the Islamic Nations summit  in October 2003,  that “Jews rule the world by proxy” and “get others to fight and die for them,”   He insisted that Islamic nations must rise up and defeat Jews  (the few million Israeli Jews who supposedly lord it over the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims.)    The speech was widely reported in the media in Arab countries and was received with a standing ovation at the conference. "I think it was a shrewd assessment of the situation." Said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Maher.


Particularly sad is the situation in Armenia, where they have struggled to get recognition of the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. However, it should be remembered that Armenia claimed to be the first Christian nation and the Genocide was against the Christians by the Muslim Ottoman Empire. (Over 93% of the current populous claims to be part of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Catholicism exists in Armenia, as well as Sunni Islam, both practiced by a small fraction of Armenian residents.)

In May 2016, Armenia erected a monument in its capital of Yerevan honoring Garegin Nzhdeh (1886-1955), a Nazi collaborator and commander of the Wehrmacht"s Armenian Legion. The unit fought in Crimea, the Caucasus and southern France as the Nazis rounded up Jews and resistance fighters and marched them to death camps. In 1945, Nzhdeh was sentenced to 25 years in prison by a Soviet court for his war crimes and collaboration with the Nazis.

Moreover, he was the founder of the racist Tseghakronism movement, designed to represent those who embody the "spiritual and biological essence of the classical Armenian," whose obligation it is to rule the country. Its ideology is reminiscent of the Aryan supremacy espoused by Nzhdeh"s Nazi comrades.

Nzhdeh is considered a national hero in Armenia. A square and a subway station in Yerevan are named after him, and his legacy is taught to children in Armenian public schools. When the statue was erected in 2016, opposition fell on deaf ears. Holocaust scholar Efraim Zuroff called the move "outrageous... an unfortunate mistake, and an insult to the victims of the Nazis and all those who fought against the Nazis." The monument was never taken down.

In fact, in Armenia, Nzhdeh"s legacy is shared with another glorified Armenian Nazi general and commander, Drastamat Kanayan.

There is abundant empirical evidence that Armenian society is systemically antisemitic. The Anti-Defamation League"s most recent survey on antisemitism in over 100 countries in June 2014 – conducted even before the statue was built – showed that the rate of support for antisemitic views in Armenia (58%) was the third-highest in all of Europe, and the highest in all of the countries in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Some 68% of Armenians believe that "Jews are more loyal to Israel than to [the countries they live in]" and 72% agree that "Jews have too much power in the business world," according to that report. Moreover, a Pew Research Center study conducted soon after showed that 32% of Armenians would not accept Jews as fellow citizens.

Perhaps this high level of antisemitism comes due to the vestiges of ancient Eastern Orthodox church-based antisemitism.

Since independence in 1991, the Armenian Jewish community has fallen from more than 5,000 members to less than 100.


Inside Israel

An excerpt from a letter from the new leader of the Greek Orthodox church in Israel, The Metropolitan Irineos I.

"To His Excellency, President Yasser Arafat,

You are finally aware of the sentiments of disgust and disrespect that all the Holy Sepulcher fathers are feeling for the descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord Jesus Christ, actual crucifiers of your people, Zionists, Jewish conquerors of the Holy Land of Palestine."

The letter continues to seek Arafat's support  for his leadership aspirations and promise co-operation in manipulating the considerable real estate owned by the Greek Orthodox Church in order to inflict enormous damage on Israel.   This real estate includes the Knesset and Jerusalem's Great Synagogue.   This letter was discovered and published by the Ma'ariv newspaper.

The October 2003 issue of "israel today" magazine reports that incidents such as swastika daubing and desecration of Jewish graves are occurring inside Israel.   (500 incidents in three years)   The culprits are mostly non-Jewish Russian immigrants who got in with forged documentation claiming to be Jewish or with the aid of a distant Jewish relative.


Cyberspace / the Internet

It is not difficult to find Anti-Semitism on the internet.   Anti Jewish hate from Nazi sites is linked up with Palestinian propaganda and terrorist sites.  

See The Battle over Israel on the Internet



Shameful to think about, but check it out.       Christian organisations against Israel. Individual Christians against Israel


The New Testament ?

Many are concerned at the repeated references to "the Jews" being the people who opposed and eventually did away with Jesus.   Is this a barrier to Jews who might otherwise accept Yeshua as their Messiah?  

You may be happy, as was the author,  to understand these references to mean the people around about Jesus, with whom He was disputing, and not as a racial categorization.  But others through history have eagerly taken up an anti-Jewish understanding and gladly persecuted any Jews they could find. See Your Bible against Israel ?

if you want a thorough discussion of the subject, David Stern's Jewish New Testament Commentary covers it in four pages when the term first appears in John 1 v19.               


Anti-Semitism in God's purposes?

There are still more Jews in the USA than there are in Israel.   (still in exile)   They appear to be happy and affluent there.  What is there to encourage them to make aliyah - to go home to Israel?   Life is tougher in Israel.   God's fishermen are doing a good job for those living in hard circumstances, like those who have returned from Russia, but it appears to take the hunters of persecution to persuade those in affluent lands.   Is the rise in Anti-Semitism that we are witnessing working towards God's end-times purposes to gather His people.

Jeremiah 16 v14-16    "

However, the days are coming," declares the LORD, "when men will no longer say, `As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,' but they will say, `As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and out of all the countries where he had banished them.' For I will restore them to the land I gave their forefathers.  "But now I will send for many fishermen, " declares the LORD, "and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill and from the crevices of the rocks

Are you ready to stand up and protect the Jews in your area?


Before 1948, Anti-Semitism was hatred of Jews scattered around the world

Since 1948, Anti-Semitism has been hatred of Jews gathered into their ancient homeland.

What's the difference ? It's still Jew Hatred?


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