"A truthful witness saves lives, but a liar misdirects [judgment]." Proverbs14:25

Palestinian life

Bethlehem City Centre

Bethlehem City Centre

Attempting to understand the Palestinians, their culture, their leaders and their lives.

What is life like for Palestinians?

From the perspective of one Palestinian Christian, in the Palestinian controlled West Bank.

Christian Palestinians are a decreasing minority, because they tend to be better off (smaller families) and are able to move away.

Cultural Palestinian Christians, and even practising Christians, are Arabs first, and Christians second. The culture is basically Bedouin.

It should be noted that the culture of the Palestinians is Arab; there is no distinct Palestinian language, cuisine, music etc. etc. The only distinct Palestinian culture is the recent and manufactured culture of victimhood, hatred and glorification of martyrdom.

Occult practices are common and lifestyles are not Bible based.

Honour killings happen (not just in Muslim families)

Life is based on Arab culture - War - Wealth - Women.

This may sound like an Islamic world-view, but one must remember that Islam is an Arab religion with its roots in Arab / Bedouin culture.

Pride is valued above truthfulness.

Hospitality is part of the culture, but it is practised for what you can get out of it.

Pride is a matter of not asking for your help, but trying to manoeuvre you into giving him what he was too proud to ask for.

The Palestinians are clanish, and given to clan feuds - only uniting when sharing a common enemy.

There is much extortion, and stealing of land and homes, but the authorities do nothing about it. Indeed, people are only able to act this way because they are in favour with the authorities. Christians in particular suffer from theft because the authorities are now all Muslim.

The authorities are seriously corrupt and untruthful, a fact recognised by the Palestinian in the street.

One typical lie is, "The Jews are stealing our water." The truth is that Israel is supplying three times as much water as they are obliged to under the Oslo agreement. The Palestinian Authority is wasting it by failing to maintain the infrastructure and allowing water to leak away.

Power cuts are likewise blamed on Israel, but while the Palestinian people are paying their electricity bills to, the Palestinian Authority, it has not paid Israel for the power supplied.

Within most of the Christian church, Replacement Theology and Liberation Theology are taught, while replacement versions of History and Geography are taught both in education and through the media.

I noticed while worshipping at an Anglican cathedral in (Palestinian) East Jerusalem, that the "occupation" and "oppression" narratives are part of the language in prayer and preaching.

The Church (generally) is scared into silence, and even into supporting Muslim lies. Thus pro-Palestinian activists are always able to find Palestinian Christians who will tell them what they want to hear.

Clearly, the belief that if they bow to Muslim pressure they will survive is not working, since life is becoming more and more difficult and dangerous for Christians. Christians who are Christian Zionists are really risking their lives by staying and many have fled the country.

The pastor of First Baptist Church in Bethlehem has been shot and the church has been firebombed fourteen times (so far) - - (see also Christians in Bethlehem )

My source is one such believer who saw the truth after being able to visit Yad Vashem and then sought to alert other Christians to the truth. In spite of having to flee death threats from family members she hopes to spread the truth through electronic media since these are now very popular among young Palestinians.

(Video removed from YouTube)

The threat of violence is always present.
It is not love that drives family life, but possessions. (War, Wealth, Women - above)

Women are regarded as possessions, hence the honour killings.

Palestinian Muslim men believe that marrying a Christian girl (making her a Muslim) is another quick way to qualify for Paradise. Young men have got Christian girls into compromising positions, photographed them and threatened to expose them (to an honour killing) if they do not marry.

Palestinians are not poor; the P.A. receives massive amounts of aid, even if much is siphoned off by the leaders and much is spent on arms.

Apple iPhone 5s were selling like hotcakes in Gaza even before they went on sale in Israel.

The massive aid is perpetuated by cultivating the myth of poverty. One typical story recounted seeing a family carrying out their furniture and asking why, to be told that "the NGOs are coming."

Most Palestinians live in nice homes with flat screen TVs, Sky etc and many drive BMWs.

Visit www.tomgrossmedia.com/mideastdispatches for pictures of life in Gaza, where the people are alleged to be in the midst of a dire humanitarian crisis. I believe the pictures come from the PalNews (Arabic language) news web site.

I have not heard an explanation why Palestinian people vote corrupt and violent politicians into power, especially as they did in Gaza where they democratically elected Hamas terrorists to be their government. It could be that there are not any straight politicians willing or brave enough to stand. It is interesting to note that, however much they criticise Israel, they acknowledge that the misdemeanours of disgraced Israeli politicians are as nothing compared to what their own politicians do.

Palestinian self identity

Research published in the Jerusalem Post explains that Palestinians / Arabs define themselves in different terms, depending on their family history and they are seek to keep their distance from each other.

60% of Israeli Arabs say they would not want their daughter to marry a (Arab) man from the West Bank, while 41% in the West Bank had the same view of an Arab with Israeli citizenship.

18% of Israeli Arabs said they would not want to live in the same neighbourhood as Palestinians.

There is also a division based on the outcome of Israel's 1948 War of independence; called the Nakba (catastrophe) by Palestinians. Those who stayed in their villages and became Israeli citizens refer to themselves as '48 Palestinians, saying that they did not desert their land, while those who left see themselves as '67 Palestinians who did not succumb to "occupation." The research that revealed these views discovered that these two groups have become quite distinct in the years since 1948.

It is interesting to ponder that the Politicians and their roadmaps worry about a state with contiguous borders (even at the expense of dividing Israel in two?) to preserve the unity of the Palestinian people. But, to what extent the people of Gaza and the West Bank have anything in common?

Other aspects of understanding the Palestinians

Who are the Palestinians; politically and historically ?

What about Palestinian Refugees?

Palestinian poverty ? Where the money goes. - Palestinian Money

Do Palestinians suffer from "Apartheid." ?

See also an overview of all the parties involved in "The Middle East"

Palestine and Palestinians includes Gaza

Palestinians have an ambiguous relationship with their Arab neighbours. These nations say they are supporting the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel, but actually the mostly despise, discriminate against and take advantage of the Palestinians. None of them absorbed Palestinian refugees, like Israel absorbed the Jewish refugees.

What do Palestinians believe about their relationship with Israel, and why? - See Propaganda and Indoctrination, a special Palestinian Lexicon a Replacement History and Replacement Geography

See also Palestinian Media Watch. They monitor all the Palestinian TV, newspapers and school textbooks and make translations available for those who do not understand Arabic.

Middle East Media Research Institute ( MEMRI ) perform a similar function for the whole Arab world. These organisations help us to understand what Arab leaders are telling their people, and it is not what they are telling us!

Palestinian Christianity

There is a large difference between cultural Christians and born-again Christians and it is perpetuated by longstanding and recent teachings.

Bad theology that is common among Palestinian Christians and pro-Palestinian activists.

Christ at the Checkpoint conference - Bethlehem and Christians in Bethlehem

Misguided Christian campaigning on behalf of Palestinians



Palestinian Quality of Life in the West Bank - Indicators

Foreign Aid

Since the establishment of Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed approximately $5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians, who are among the world's largest per capita recipients of international foreign aid. Overall, Palestinians receive approximately $2 billion in aid each year. Palestinian economic analysts estimate that the PA has received a total of $25 billion in financial aid during the past two decades.


The CIA World Factbook reported the poverty rate in the West Bank as 18% in 2011, in contrast to Israel's poverty rate in 2012 of 21%.

Life Expectancy

In 2015, life expectancy in the West Bank was 76 years. This was notably higher than the life expectancy in Arab states of 71 years (in 2012), and the average life expectancy around the world of 70 years.

Infant Mortality

In 2015, the infant mortality rate in the West Bank and Gaza was 13 per 1,000 live births, compared with 27 per 1,000 live births in the Arab states in 2013 and 36.58 per 1,000 live births in the world in 2014.


In 2015 the literacy rate for people aged 15 and above in the West Bank and Gaza was 96.5%.


In 2011, when Palestinians were asked "Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the education system?" 63.5% answered "satisfied", a higher percentage than the U.S. (62.8), Netherlands (60.3), Sweden (61.6) or Japan (54.6). The overall percentage in Arab states was 50.0%.

Water Resources

Palestinians insist that they suffer from water shortages due to Israeli policies. However, data shows that Israel has fulfilled all of its obligations according to the signed water agreements with the PA.

Information from israelseen.com palestinian-authority-luxury-alongside-poverty


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