"For I did not shrink from proclaiming to you the whole plan of God." Acts 20:27

God's Plan

God created everything in order to have relationship with men and women that he created in his own image. . This he enjoyed for a while in Eden, until Mankind rebelled and sin came between God and Man, necessitating a remedy.
God, being perfectly righteous, could not have fellowship with unrighteous humans unless he stepped in with a plan to make us righteous.
God's plan provided a way for men and women to be reconciled with God and to live in a relationship with him.


A look at some of our problems that need fixing

Sin - the bad news

Repentance - for Sin

Nutshell gospel

The deal

Righteousness - we don't have it but God can provide it

Heaven / Hell - Where will we end up?

Marketing Evil - we live in an evil world

Upside down - the world we live in has turned many truths upside down

Sexuality - the world's standards are not God's standards

Women What scripture really says about the role of women

Praying - are we in proper contact with God?

Problem page common problems that a relationship with God can fix

Covenants for redeeming the world

God chose a man who was willing to trust and obey him to establish a people faithful to him and justified by trusting him. He made a series of Covenants with that family of faith. That family recorded God's progressive revelation for the world.

God's Word - the Bible

God's family - The Family as God's vehicle for world redemption


Abraham's seed

Feasts of the LORD

Grace and Law

Dual Covenant Theology

Land Many deny that God made an everlasting covenant of the land to Israel



The third generation from Abraham, Jacob, had his name changed to Israel and inherited the covenant of a land that has, through many upheavals, been known as the land of Israel. God's right to make this gift has been and still is fiercely contested by many in the world and in the church.



God's family - The Family as God's vehicle for world redemption

God's Strategy for redeeming Israel


Israel and the nations

Israel regathered and Israel reborn

Tribes and nations

Israel in crisis


Ruth as a parable of Israel and the Church

Neighbourhood - living in a tough neighbourhood

Modern states of the Middle East (Israel is not the only state created in the 20th century)

Who hates Israel ?

Public opinion as it affects Israel

Paradigm shift - complete lack of understanding between the friends and the oponents of Israel.

Multiple fronts on which Israel must fight

International Law concerning Israel - Lawfare - Israel reborn (Balfour etc)

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Settlers and Settlements

Stolen land ? - Really ?

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions

Syria - the situation next to Israel

Post zionist ? - What is happening to Zionism in Israel?

Two state solution ? could it work ?

Other Peoples related to Israel


The covenant God made with Israel through Moses, provided sacrifices that made atonement for man's sin. The subsequent "New Covenant" that Jesus / Yeshua instituted by his sacrificial death provided a once and for all atonement for anybody who will accept it.

Where we go when we die ?

Our need for Rightousness



Atonement for our failure to be righteous

Repentance is needed before Sacrifice and Atonement can be made

Sacrifice - all the different sacrifices in the Old Testament

The Day of Atonement in the Old Testament

Nutshell gospel - the Good News of Jesus, as simply as possible

One New Man

While the earlier part of God's plan involved only the children of Israel, and the few outsiders who joined themselves to Israel, the New Covenant opened salvation to Jews and Gentiles alike.

Abraham's seed

God's family - The Family as God's vehicle for world redemption

Olive parable - Explaining how God created the one new man - the reason for wildolive

Olive tree - Jews and Gentiles and the grafting in process

Jews & Christians - Footnote for Jewish visitors

Where we go when we die ?

Beginner's Guide to Christian faith

Beginner's Guide to Messianic faith

Biblical Christian Zionism

Strategy - God's purposes for Israel

Complete Jewish Bible

Dabru emet


Galatians on Israel

Saul / Paul - did he change his name?

Greek or Hebrew? - the Bible makes proper sense understood as originally Hebrew; not Greek

Kingdom - the Kingdom of God /Kingdom of Heaven

Messianic Debate

Messianic history

Messianic seal

Mission Israel

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

God's Strategy for redeeming Israel - involves Gentiles

Women What scripture really says about the role of women

Healing of every part

The New Covenant is not limited to forgiveness of sin, but provides for renewal of every part of the redeemed person; body mind and spirit. Put another way, as Jesus suffered on the cross, he took our sins, our sicknesses, our curses and our shame and provided wholeness and healing.

Healing - reconnecting with Healing in the Gospels

Healing case studies

Healing importance

Healing key

Healing - opposition within church

Healing practical

Healing toolkit


Our part in God's plan - Our response

We (Gentiles) need to understand and accept the process by which God accepted us into the family of trust that was originally limited to Israel (generally referred to as the Jews)

What can I do ? - ideas

Arguing our case for Israel, but there is a . .

Paradigm shift - a complete lack of understanding between the friends and the opponents of Israel.

We must find ways to argue for Israel without causing Disunity

Biblical Christian Zionism

God's family - The Family as God's vehicle for world redemption

Dear Church - communication our view to the Church; in the right way.

Bad theologies refute them

Balaam's error avoid it

Being there pro Israel events - show love and support

Being there 2

Greek or Hebrew - learn to understand the Jewishness of our Bible

Media bias against Israel - learn to guard against it

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Strategy - Understand God's purposes for Israel and keep in step

Public opinion as it affects Israel - speak up for the truth

Recommend wildolive - please


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