"'Why did the nations rage and the peoples devise useless plans? The kings of the earth took their stand; and the rulers assembled together against Adonai and against his Messiah." Quoted in Acts 4:26

The Nations against God

Obviously, God views the Nations differently from the way they view themselves.

Isaiah 40:15 The nations are like a drop in a bucket, they count like a grain of dust on the scales. The islands weigh as little as specks of dust.
Isaiah 40:17 Before him all the nations are like nothing. He regards them as less than nothing.

The Romans plundering Israel - Titus' Arch, Rome - replica Tel Aviv

A copy of the carvings on Titus' Arch in Rome, depicting the Army returning with the spoils of the defeat of Israel.

(Tel Aviv Museum of the Diaspora)

How does God judge nations for their dealings with Israel.

We look at how some observers have connected American actions with natural(?) disasters that have hit the USA. There are many observers commenting upon America, but we also look at prophecies delivered to the United Kingdom and British betrayals of divine commissions to deal fairly with Israel.

Israel and the nations

The Holocaust was not all down to Hitler's Nazis


America and Israel

The Obama administration has an unfortunate attitude towards Israel - What about the Trump administration

Obama’s last-minute $221 million payout

From an article by AVI ISSACHAROFF AND AP January 25, 2017
US tells the Palestinian Authority that it is freezing the transfer of $221 million which was quietly authorized by the Obama administration just hours before President Donald Trump took the oath of office. President Obama defied congressional oversight to release this $221 million to the Palestinian territories.

The department said it would look at the payment and might make adjustments to ensure it comports with the Trump administration’s priorities.

One must hope that Donald Trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton will produce a dramatic change of direction.

National disasters related to treatment of Israel - Genesis 12:3 in action?



Europe and Israel


United Kingdom

And Britain ?

And Britain ? - a prophecy

And Britain? - Habakuk's message for Britain

And Britain ? Duplicity in dealing with Israel

England history - The Jews in England - 1066 - 1290 - Hereford history

Israel reborn - the Balfour Declaration in context


Middle East

Neighbourhood - Israel is in a tough neighbourhood

Iran - enemy of Israel

Iran Deal - Iran going Nuclear

Syria - the situation next to Israel

Gaza - several conflicts and perspectives

Tribes and Nations (of Israel)

Other Peoples - Samaritans, Phillistines etc

Islam as a nation, and it's war against Israel and the west

The Palestinians - (not really a nation)

Who are the Palestinians ? - Really ?

Palestinian life - understanding the Palestinians, their culture, their leaders and their lives.

Palestinian Refugees - the truth behind a weird construct

Palestinian Christians - Why do they act and believe the Palestinian Authority line on Israel ?

Palestinian Charters - see what they still say (partners for peace?)

Palestinian incitement to commit terrorist acts

Palestinian lexicon - the careful use of words

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Palestine state 2012 or 2017 ?

Palestinian Money - where it comes from and where it goes

The Nations try to impose Peace Plans upon Israel

Politicians, especially American presidents, tend to see the attainment of peace in the Middle East as being a legacy they can secure for themselves. Thus we have seen various accords and roadmaps, all based on the premise that Israel and the Palestinians have equal claims, both seek peaceful coexistence and should share the land. European leaders are also starting to seek a piece of the legacy glory.

Oslo Accords

Oslo void 2015 - due to Palestinian actions

Roadmap (S) - Peace plans produced outside Israel

Two state solution ? could it work ?

Unilateral state ? - of Palestine

Palestine state 2012 or 2017?

Peace - the world's understanding - One must assume that the free Nations pressing Israel to make crazy concessions for peace actually believe their plans will work. President Obama gave some insight into this world-view in his (hostile to Israel) eulogy for Shimon Peres (Jerusalem 2016)


United Nations

Many, inside the church as well as outside, see the United Nations as the world body that will ensure peace and fairness in place of war and dispute. This view fails to take into account the number of despotic and Islamic states (however small) that give automatic voting success of every motion censuring Israel for some supposed misdemeanour, whilst overlooking gross evils committed by other nations. UN agencies are responsible for direct support of Palestinians and their fight against Israel.

United Nations - not the good thing it purports to be !

UN condemned

UN Speeches

Goldstone Report on Gaza 2012

Palestinian Refugees - the truth behind a weird construct

International Law concerning Israel

Land - Who's Land is it Anyway?

the "Occupation"

Lawfare Legal warfare / warfare waged through the courts

Slanders against Israel

Israel is fighting, or needs to be fighting a battle to counter the constant flow of accusations aimed at delegitimising the nation, and ultimately bringing down international action upon Israel. We look at the industry engaged in creating and disseminating these stories.

Blood libel - since medieval times

Blood libel 2014

Little Mohammed al Dura - another blood libel

the "Occupation" - accusation that Israel is occupying land that belongs to "Palestine" - actually, Abbas' "Palestinians" are occupying land that legally belongs to Israel under International Law.

Settlers and Settlements - the accusation against Israel of settling on land they do not own

Stolen land ? - Really ?

Walls around the World - Israel is condemned for the Security Barrier as if it was the only fence in the world.

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Apartheid - the accusation against Israel compared with the real thing

Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing - need a page - both accusations are nonsense


Media Bias against Israel

The world's media is very often complicit in spreading, if not originating slanders aimed at denigrating and de legitimising Israel. We examine the ideological and political reasons for this anti-Israel activity.

Media bias against Israel

Gaza - conflicts unfairly reported

Munich movie - a fair representation of Israel?

Promise - TV drama - anti-Israel ideas through drama

Stolen land ? - Really ?

the "Occupation" narrative

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Apartheid - the accusation against Israel compared with the real thing

Boycotting Divestment and Sanctions

Non military aggression - trade, academic and cultural action aimed at isolating and harming Israel. Sadly, many Christian organisations buy into the narratives and tactics of BDS, as well as weaving it into Christian activity; and even scripture.

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions


We consider, primarily, terrorism against Israel although recent times have seen much of the Western world experiencing Muslim terror that has nothing to do with the "Palestinian issue" and everything to do with Islam's intention to defeat the infidel western civilisation and rule the world for Allah.
We look at the incitement to terror, the phases of the terror war against Israel, the minor wars (as Israel's counter measures are seen) and the weapons of terror used against Israel.
We also look at the win-win benefit of Palestinian losses in the efforts by made by Israel to contain terror attacks against the civilian population.

Islamic Terrorism

Jihad (Islamic holy war)

Islamic State

Palestinian Charters - see what they still say (partners for peace?)

Palestinian incitement to commit terrorist acts

Palestinian lexicon - the careful use of words

Tunnels - a terror weapon - Rockets, impacting Southern Israel Sderot

Weapons against Israel

"Resistance" to the "Occupation"


End Times - Nations invading Israel

Understanding the Times

Magog war of Ezekiel

Endtimes prophecies yet to be fulfilled

Islamic Eschatology - beliefs about end of days


Wars and rumours of wars

Understanding the Times

Next Lebanon War ? - updated 2017

Posted 05/09/17

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