"Besides all this, you know at what point of history we stand; so it is high time for you to rouse yourselves from sleep; . ." Romans 13:11


The History of the world is influenced throughout by the hand of God and the actions of people who followed the various religions. This web site looks at history from the perspective of the actions of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel)

The mountains of Moav beyond the Dead Sea, seen from the Israeli side

The mountains of Moav beyond the Dead Sea, seen from the Israeli side

The History of Israel

God chose a people and gave them instructions to live by and Covenants / promises to be their sovereign and protector. This progressive revelation is recalled and remembered in the feasts and calendar of Israel / the Jews.


The Gentile world's hatred of Jews as the bearers of God's righteous requirements and envy of what is perceived to be their "chosen" status has worked out through history as a series of murderous attacks and slanders.

Anti-Semitism - Too much said about Anti-Semitism ?

Who hates Israel ?

Genocide - how the Holocaust was made to happen


Holocaust was not all down to Hitler's Nazis

The Holocaust and the Palestinians

Holocaust denial

Yad Vashem - Israel's Holocaust Memorial museum


Church History

The history of the church is not all glorious. The teachings of many prominent church fathers have turned many Christians (whether cultural or born-again is not clear) against the Jews to the extent of being responsible for blood libels, massacres, expulsions, inquisitions, pogroms and the NAZI Holocaust of World War II.

History - the Church in relation to Israel

Is the problem fundamental and historical?

England History - treatment of the Jews


Jewish - Christian relations

Following the above catalogue of evil and enmity, what has happened since the Holocaust?

Jews & Christians - sub directory

The Wild olive branch




Blood Libel 

Dabru emet

Christians against Israel


some Words   are a problem

Who are the Jews

Yad Vashem

What can I do

The Complete Jewish Bible

Dual Covenant Theology

and Britain?

Baptism / Immersion

Walking Together


Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Visiting Israel


Bible Against?

Messianic Judaism Messianic Debate

Biblical Christian Zionism

Against Christian Zionism

Under Law ?

Charities against Israel

Balaam's Error

Modern day Israel - Israel's fight for survival

Even before the rebirth of the nation / state of Israel, there were Arab attacks on Jews, trying to prevent the creation of the Jewish State in their ancient, God given homeland. Israel was reborn in 1948 and immediately had to fight for its very existence. Since then Israel has had to endure varying levels of terrorism and all out war against Arab attempts at destruction. After the 1967 war, the Arab opposition transformed into the cause of the Palestinians, who created an identity for themselves and new narratives of History and Geography.

Israel's battles

Multiple Threats - multiple fronts

International Law concerning Israel - Lawfare - Israel reborn (Balfour etc)

Gaza history and overview

Gaza (Hamas) 2008 - 2012 - 2014

Sderot - under siege from Gaza

Lebanon - (Hizballah) - Lies exposed by bloggers

The next Lebanon War ?

Intifada 2014 - Islamic Terrorism

Iran ?

Islamic State ?

The Gog Magog War of Ezekiel and Revelation

Weapons against Israel - Who hates Israel?

Palestinian Charters - still call for destruction of Israel - Indoctrination of future generations

Israel's Military Ethics - with which it has to fight these battles

Who are the Palestinians?

The Arabs identifying themselves as Palestinians are the front for Arab and world political opposition and hatred of the state of Israel and Israelis. What are their origins? What are their outlooks? What are they doing?

Who are the Palestinians ? - Really ?

Palestinian life - understanding the Palestinians, their culture, their leaders and their lives.

Palestinian Christians - Why do they act and believe the Palestinian Authority line on Israel ?

CATC (Christ at the Checkpoint conference)

CATC 2014

Nom de guerre - as used by Palestinians

Palestinian Charters - see what they still say (partners for peace?)

Palestinian incitement to commit terrorist acts

Palestinian lexicon - the careful use of words

Palestinian life - understanding the Palestinians, their culture, their leaders and their lives.

Palestinian Refugees - the truth behind a weird construct

PALLYWOOD - the Palestinian anti-Israel fantasy movie industry

Propaganda - in Palestinian Authority

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Rockets - How serious are the rockets hitting Israel ?

The end of History - where is all this heading

The study of scriptural prophetic writings concerning events still to come is known as echatalogy. There are, not surprisingly, many interpretations. Jewish eschatology obviously comes from the Hebrew scriptures and traditions, while Christian Eschatology comes from both Hebrew scripture and the New Covenant. But both look forward to the day when the Messiah steps in to deliver Israel, defeat wickedness and establish his Messianic reign. (the only difference being whether this will be his first or second coming) Islam has a different eschatology, although one may discern similarities in terms.

Understanding the Times

Magog / Russia war of Ezekiel

Endtimes prophecies yet to be fulfilled

Islamic Eschatology - beliefs about end of days

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