"as they retain the outer form of religion but deny its power. Stay away from these people! " 2 Timothy 3:5


Temple Mount, Jerusalem - Muslims on top and Jews at the western wall of the platform where the Temples stood.

Temple Mount, Jerusalem - Muslims on top and Jews at the western wall of the platform upon which the Temples stood.

While we have noted that God wants to have a relationship with men and women, mankind has tended to turn that into religion - or religions. Mankind has developed Gods created in man's image and imagination. Some religions have nothing to do with the one true God who created the universe. Other religions are systems developed from the faith that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob revealed, into systems and hierarchies that get in the way of the kind of relationship God wants with men and women.



From the Greek words for words and God, Theology is how we think and talk about God. So every person is a theologian and has a theology.. However, the theology that many hold is not as God intended. Theology does not have to be complicated, but it needs to be formed with the help of God's Holy Spirit opening his scriptures to our understanding.

Cross-exchange The exchange Jesus made with us

Beginner's Guide to Christian faith

Beginner's Guide to Messianic faith

Rabbi Jesus (Yeshua from Nazareth)

Be not conformed


Baptism in the Spirit



Nutshell gospel

The deal - getting saved through Jesus

The world and the Christian

The cross - why is it a problem to the Jews?

Who killed Jesus ?

Death by Crucifixion

The Trinity - God in three persons

Threads running through the Bible

Angels - Demons

Bad theologies - especially Replacement Theology

Dual Covenant Theology

Arguing our case

Under law ? - Do Christians really understand when they talk about THE LAW?

Grace and Law - discussed

Faith - Matters of faith sub directory ?

Follower To become a follower of Jesus

Greek or Hebrew The need to understand the Bible as a Hebrew book - Hebrew

Complete Jewish Bible

Praying - Communicating with our Heavenly Father

Prayer - Jewish perspective on prayer

The Our Father prayer

Healing - reconnecting with Healing in the Gospels



Sacrifice - all the different sacrifices

Heaven / Hell

Kingdom - the Kingdom of God /Kingdom of Heaven

Bless / curse - Cursed? - Blessing


Big words in Christian terminology

Christendom ? - Christian myths - Christian dates

Halloween - harmless fun or evil?

Holy week for Yeshua


Messianic Debate

Messianic history

Messianic seal

Mission Israel

Names in the Bible - their significance

Names of God

Olive tree - the reason for wildolive

Olive parable - the reason for wildolive

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem - how and why.


Rapture - when to expect it ?

Revelation - book of

Revival - what is it ?

Signs in the Heavens - eg Blood Moons

Temple / Tabernacle

Temple - non physical

Temple of Ezekiel - planned but not yet built - when will it be built.

David's tabernacle

Tribulation - the

Two Jerusalems

Until as a Biblical concept

Where was God? / Where is God?

Why so hard ? - Why are the Jews so resistant to the Gospel of Jesus?

Whither the church ? and Is the problem fundamental ?

Unbelief - Important truths that have fallen by the wayside in the Church.

Social Gospel - is it compatible with the Gospel of Jesus?

Wealth and the Bible

Poverty biblical or socialist perspective

Violence and the Bible

Philosophy and Christian belief

Persecution and the believer

Women What scripture really says about the role of women

Different Religions

Briefly, there are several religions that may be called polytheistic - believe in many or varied gods and spirits that have to be appeased to ensure success and even survival.

We all worship the same god - Right?

Why is there religious war - Islamic Terrorism a corruption of Islam or the essence of Islam ?

Judaism and Christianity

God called a man out of polytheism and through him, established the religion of the Jews, known as Judaism. Judaism developed and diversified and, at the right time produced the promised Messiah (anointed one) The coming of the Jewish Messiah (Christ in Greek) started off Christianity, that has become predominantly Gentile - and at various times in history, Jewish followers of the Jewish Messiah, mostly known today as Messianic Jews. The Jews and their rabbis who did not accept Yeshua from Nazareth as the expected Messiah restructured Judaism to cope with the new situation of exile and the lack of a Temple and sacrifices. Modern Judaism is not the same as Judaism in the time of Jesus.

Jews & Christians - sub directory




Being there pro Israel events

Biblical Christian Zionism

Against Christian-Zionism

Blood libel

Calendars - Jewish and Christian

Complete Jewish Bible

Dabru emet

Dear Church

Dual Covenant Theology


Grace and Law

Greek or Hebrew - Hebrew

Hatikvah Trust

Church History - England history

Olive tree - the reason for wildolive

Olive parable - the reason for wildolive

Rabbi Jesus (Yeshua from Nazareth)

Ruth as a parable of Israel and the Church

Saul / Paul - did he change his name?

Strategy - God's purposes for Israel

Under law ?

Walking Together

What can I do ? - ideas

Where was God? / Where is God?

Who killed Jesus ?

Islam - Mohammed

Islam claims to be the third monotheistic religion and claims to have superseded all religions that went before. Islam claims prophets from the Hebrew scriptures as Muslims and also Jesus (who it credits as being the Messiah) Early writings in Islam's scriptures are friendly and respectful to Jews and Christians, but these were abrogated by later writings and traditions from Mohammed. Islam maintains that Christians and Jews corrupted their scriptures but that Mohammed received a corrected version. Islam is currently in head-on conflict with all other religions and Israel is on the front line, as Islam claims it to be Islamic territory for ever, having once been conquered (by the sword)

Islam - Is what we are told about Islam true?

Islam FAQ

Islamic Terrorism - is it a corruption of Islam or the essence of Islam ?

Dear Muslim


Islam means Peace ?

Islam reforms ?

Islam on Women (see also) Women What scripture really says about the role of women

Islam's License to Kill

Islam's "Tiny Few Violent Extremists" - a myth?



Islam denominations


Mohammed cartoons

Muslims and Jesus

Mosque here ?

Muslim Fanatics

Sharia Law

Who is God?

Are all Gods the same God ? - or Do we all worship the same God?

We all worship the same god - Right?

What is God's name and what does that mean to us?

Names of God

Christian opposition to Israel

While Christian support of Paul's view of being grafted into God's olive tree that was once entirely Jewish / Israel is generally known as Christian Zionism, there is a majority position within the church that is known as Replacement Theology. Replacement theology holds that God rejected Israel when the leaders rejected Jesus, and that all the Bible's promises now belong to the (predominantly Gentile) Church. The most extreme manifestation of this view is known as Christian Palesinianism - almost a mirror image of Christian Zionism.

Against Christian-Zionism

Arguing our case

Bad theologies

Balaam's error

Bible against Israel ?

Biblical Christian Zionism

Blood libel

Baptist Times - "Peacemakers" article

BUGB article

CATC (Christ at the Checkpoint conference)

CATC 2014

Replacement Geography - Lies about geography of Israel and surroundings

Replacement History - distortions of History - against Israel

Replacement Theology - "God rejected Israel"

Replacement Calendar

Christian Palestinianism

Christians against Israel

Denominations against Israel

Evangelicals against Israel

Church History

Individual Christians against Israel

My denomination - Baptist Missionary Society against Israel

My denomination

Sizer - anti-Israel article by Steven Sizer published in in Baptist Times

Sizer's friends

W.C.C. - World Council of Churches

Is the problem with the church fundamental ?


Posted 13/02/17

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